TNA Impact Recap With Video: Magnus Defends Against Gunner, Rayne Vs. Kim Street Fight, More

Next, Bobby Roode comes out to the ring. He talks about his career in TNA. There are a lot of things he isn't proud of in his career. He says that tonight is his last night as a wrestler. He can't take it anymore, and he can't take putting up with Dixie's crap. He has to walk away, and he's sorry. Roode says that before he goes, he wants to do something he's never done: thank the fans. He exits the ring, and Dixie Carter's music hits. She comes down to the ring.

She tells Roode he can't leave. He has a contract. Roode says he doesn't want to be there anymore and that he's done. Dixie says no, and brings up AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. She says that TNA needs Roode. Roode says for what, to break promises and protect the champion? Dixie apologizes and asks Roode what he is going to do. Wrestling is in his blood. She says that Lockdown will be the most important night in the company's history. She wants him to be captain of her team.

Dixie offers Roode 10 percent ownership of TNA. Roode asks why he should believe her, and Dixie tells him to have his lawyers draw up the contract. She gives him her word she'll sign it, no questions asked. Roode accepts her offer, but tells her if she tries to screw him over he will dedicate the rest of his life to ruining hers. He leaves the ring.

Then, Jeremy Borash is backstage with the online worldwide Gutcheck winner. Samuel Shaw attacks Mr. Anderson, who is talking to Christy Hemme in the background again, and she gets knocked out. He picks her up and walks away.

Back from commercial, and Christopher Daniels and Kazarian ask Bobby Roode to be on his Lockdown team. He tells them to prove to him in their match that they're the best.

Bad Influence vs. The Wolves

Edwards and Kazarian start off. They go back and forth. Kazarian attacks Edwards in his corner. Daniels tags in and hits a shoulder tackle. He hits Richards off the apron. He attacks briefly, but the Wolves are able to rally back. Daniels and Richards end up in the ring, and Daniels takes control. He tags in Kazarian. Bad Influence double team Richards. Kazarian tags in and locks in Richards' head. Kazarian hits a heel kick. Daniels tags back in. He stomps on Richards' chest. He hits Edwards off the apron. Bad Influence exchange quick tags. Richards hits Kazarian with an enziguri. Edwards tags in. He takes both members of Bad Influence out and chops Daniels in the corner. Daniels comes back and goes for a moonsault, but he misses and the Wolves double team Daniels. They both hit Daniels with double boot stomps for the win.

Winners: The Wolves

Then Samuel Shaw is shown lying Christy Hemme down on a bed backstage. She wakes up and asks what's going on, and he makes her lie back down. He notices the camera filming and says hey!

Back from commercial and another Willow promo is shown.

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