Thanks to reader Nathan Topping for sending in these detailed results from last month's TNA Impact Wrestling taping in Manchester:

- The show kicked off with Magnus and Dixie hitting the ring to huge heat again. Magnus called out MVP so that he could tell him something very important. MVP hit the ring - Magnus told him that he wasn't impressed by MVP having spent 9 years in jail, and promised that if he ever got in his way those 9 years would be nothing compared to 9 minutes with Magnus. MVP replied mocking Magnus for running around shouting "hey, look at me! I'm the champion!", and told him that a real champion doesn't need to do that - that people see a real champion and say to themselves "there's the champion" rather than "there's the paper champion". MVP told Magnus that the crowd hated him, and that he was about as popular as David Moyes (Manchester United manager who's doing very badly). He said though that he wasn't here to exchange insults, and challenged Magnus and Dixie to a 4v4 Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown for complete control of TNA. Magnus accepted, but said that he regretted being unable to be a part of the match as team captain as he'd be defending his title against Joe instead. MVP put over Gunner as a and said he wouldn't be so easy to get past tonight, to which Magnus replied that he didn't care about war heroes or "some cheap 50 Cent knockoff" and that he'd make MVP his b---h if he got involved. MVP laid into Magnus and EC3 came out to turn the tables. Gunner came out to help, and the heels retreated - but only as far as the stage where The Wolves had come out to block their escape. Magnus literally threw EC3 to the Wolves and made his escape. EC3 was left laid out on the stage as the faces celebrated.

- We saw a backstage promo of Roode and Storm backstage. Roode was basically teasing his retirement, and saying he took all the blame for Beer Money breaking up how it did. Storm told him that they both knew what the business was like when they came in, and that he shouldn't quit. He said you can't change the past, but you can change the future. It came across very much as them teasing a reunion.

- Samoa Joe came out and challenged any member of Dixieland in the back to a match tonight, as he wanted a fight. The BroMans and Zema Ion hit the ring, and Joe told them that instead of just one of them he'd take them all on at once. Joe looked very strong again, before the triple team started to wear him down a bit. He made a big comeback though, laying out the BroMans and nailing Ion with the Musclebuster. He then got the win via submission with a rear naked choke on Ion. Yet again the crowd was all over Joe in this match - by far the fan favourite of the evening.

- Bobby Roode came out as a follow up to his backstage segment with Storm earlier. He cut a promo about how he was done with TNA and was leaving. He basically said his goodbyes and thanked the fans, and ripped on Dixie a bit for not keeping promises regarding title shots when he helped Magnus lately. Dixie then came out and told him he couldn't leave because he was under contract. She said that she needed a team captain for the Lethal Lockdown match, and told him that that if Roode led her to victory she'd give him 10% of the company. Roode questioned why he should trust her until she told him that if he got his lawyers to draw up the papers she'd sign them without question (guessing he may add a title match clause in there somewhere and she won't notice). Roode accepted. The fans were hugely pro Roode in this segment despite him being a heel, and very vocal about him not accepting Dixie's offer. This was really the only part of the night where the fans broke kayfabe and didn't boo the heel.

- The Wolves vs Bad Influence. Can't tell you much about this one I'm afraid, as I had to go get a drink before I passed out and missed the main event :) I got back in time to see the Wolves win with the same finisher they used on Rockstar Spud at the live Glasgow show, but that's all.

- Main Event - Magnus vs Gunner for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This was a really good and entertaining match, and would have easily been match of the night if not for the six man tag early on. The crowd had been getting a little tired I felt over the last couple of segments, but roared back to life for this to mostly cheer Gunner on. It started off very back and forth, and after a short while Magnus motioned to the back for help to come out and help beat down Gunner. Instead, The Wolves and Storm came out and made it clear that they'd be preventing any interference. The continued to fight back and forth, until EC3 and the BroMans came through the crowd to help out Magnus. The faces brawled with them, and they all fought their way up the ramp and to the back. Back in the ring Magnus was on top at this point and hit Gunner with a Big Elbow which Gunner kicked out of. Gunner then reversed the momentum and hit Magnus with a big suplex, but Rockstar Spud came through the crowd and put Magnus' foot on the bottom rope to save the title. Storm then came back out from the back and chased Spud around the ring, before the two of them ended up in the ring and Storm laid out Spud, tossing him to the outside. Gunner was still well on top in the meantime, and it looked like Magnus was all but beaten. Spud got back up on the outside and desperately tried to distract the ref whilst Gunner went for his finisher from the top rope. But whilst he was on his way down Storm turned on him and laid him out with a Superkick. The ref turned back and seemed to realise what had happened, yelling at Storm, but reluctantly got down and counted the three to have Magnus retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title. The show finished with Storm standing over Gunner, and Magnus and Spud celebrating the title defense.

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