This week's episode of Impact opens with a recap of what happened on last week's Impact between Dixie Carter and MVP. Mike Tenay and Taz are on commentary.

Dixie Carter, Rockstar Spud, EC3, and Magnus come out to the ring. Carter takes up the mic and says she hasn't lost sleep over MVP's threats. She can't lose control over her company; it would be like her having a bad hair day. It's because she has the TNA World Heavyweight champ, Magnus. EC3 takes the mic and says she also has a stunning nephew that ended the career of Kurt Angle.

Magnus takes the mic and says it's good to be back in Manchester because he knows it's one whole year before he has to be back and surrounded by slobs. He says that people like the crowd make him ashamed to be British. He says he isn't from the north, and he isn't a paper champion. What he is is a man that recognizes opportunity, and there is none in Manchester. Magnus says that Dixie is a beacon of American capitalism from the land of opportunity. She flipped through a magazine and saw Magnus and instantly decided to scoop him up and sign him to a deal.

Magnus then brings up MVP. He says he doesn't know whom MVP is and what jail cell he came from, but he is going to establish the pecking order: Magnus, Dixie, everybody nipping at his heels, and then MVP. He tells MVP he can't buy him and he isn't for sale.

MVP and Samoa Joe come out on the stage. MVP says that standing next to him is the Samoan submission machine, and the number one contender. He announces that Magnus will defend his title against Joe at Lockdown, and Gunner's music hits. He comes out on the stage. He apologizes for the interruption, and calls Magnus a paper champion. He says he's sick of carrying around his briefcase. He tells Magnus he is giving him seven days to prepare himself. Next week, he will be cashing in his case on Impact and the winner will face Samoa Joe at Lockdown.

Dixie Carter says that tonight, Gunner will face EC3. Gunner's briefcase will be on the line in the match. MVP says that as he understands EC3 has a briefcase of his own. He says that Gunner and James Storm would love to be tag team champs, and that they are going to hang both briefcases above the ring and the winner will take all. MVP tells EC3 that if anyone interferes, he will level the playing field.

Ladder Match
Gunner vs. EC3
Both wrestlers' Feast or Fired cases are on the line

Carter bails out of the ring. He gets back inside, and Gunner hits a leaping knee to the face. Carter goes for a crossbody, but Gunner catches him and hits a fall away slam. Gunner goes outside and grabs a ladder. Carter dropkicks him. He takes a ladder inside and sets it up. Gunner stops him, and slams him into the corner several times. He grabs the ladder and rams it into Carter's stomach. Gunner whips Carter into the ladder. They exchange strikes. Gunner charges and Carter side steps, sending Gunner into the ladder. Carter sets the ladder up and climbs up. Gunner power bombs him off. He climbs the ladder, and Magnus runs out to the ring. He pushes the ladder over and attacks Gunner. James Storm runs down to the ring and attacks Carter. He goes to Superkick Magnus, but Magnus bails out of the ring.

MVP comes out and says they deliberately defied him, so he is making it a tag match, case vs. case.

Ladder Match
Gunner and James Storm vs. Magnus and EC3
Both Feast or Fired cases are on the line

Back from commercial and Storm tosses Magnus in the ring. He and Gunner attack Magnus with the ladder. Gunner sets the ladder up as Storm attacks Carter on the outside. Magnus pulls Gunner down and slams him into the ladder. He picks the ladder up and hits Gunner in the chest with it. Carter gets back in the ring. Magnus sets the ladder against the ropes, and Carter puts Gunner on it. Magnus strikes Gunner, and Carter goes up top. He leaps off and onto Gunner. Magnus and Carter take turns slamming Gunner onto the ladder. Magnus picks the ladder up and runs at Gunner with it. Magnus drops a leg on Gunner, and Carter drops an elbow. Gunner gets tossed outside.

Carter sets the ladder up as Magnus kicks Storm away from the ring. Carter climbs the ladder, and Magnus pulls him down and stops him. They argue and stop each other from climbing. Storm gets inside and attacks them both. He clotheslines Magnus outside. Storm and Gunner toss Carter onto the ladder. Gunner picks Carter up on his shoulders, and Magnus attacks him. Storm clotheslines himself and Magnus outside. Carter gets up and sets the ladder up. Gunner goes inside and drops a headbutt on Carter. He climbs the ladder pulls the cases down for the win.

Winners: James Storm and Gunner

Then, Mr. Anderson is backstage. He says that he and Bully's fight is about the one thing that separates them, the thing that he has that Bully doesn't have: family. He says it's about this, and shows a picture of his newborn twins.

Back from commercial and the BroMans and Zema Ion walk in on Rockstar Spud. He is putting a tapeline down the center of Dixie's office to divide the room for Dixie and MVP. The BroMans want to know how Gunner and Storm got the case for the tag title shot, and Spud assures them that Dixie has it under control. MVP walks up and says that Dixie's control is slipping. The people want to see wrestling. MVP sets up a match between the BroMans, Zema Ion, the Wolves, and a mystery partner.

The BroMans and Zema Ion vs. The Wolves and Samoa Joe

Joe runs down, and he and the Wolves clear the ring. Davey and Jessie are in the ring. Davey takes it to Jessie, and Eddie tags in. They slam Jessie into Joe's head. Robbie tags in. Eddie chops him several times. He kicks Robbie in the stomach and hits a knee to the head. Davey tags back in and the Wolves double team Robbie. Davey headbutts Ion on the apron. Robbie attacks Davey from behind. Ion tags in. He elbows the back of Davey's head and knees him. Davey fights back with strikes.

Davey attacks Jessie and Robbie on the apron, but Ion trips Davey into the corner. Jessie tags in. He slaps the back of Davey's head. Jessie picks Davey above his head, and Robbie tags in. Jessie drops Davey, and Robbie leaps off the top rope and slams into Davey. He locks in Davey's head. Davey fights out, and Robbie lands an elbow to the face. The BroMans try to double team Davey, but Davey stops them and tags in Joe. Ion tags in as well. Joe takes it to Ion and hits a back splash. He knees Ion in the head.

Joe goes for a pin. The BroMans try to break it up, but Joe moves and the BroMans hit Ion. The Wolves toss the BroMans outside, and take them out with dives. Joe locks Ion in his rear naked choke, and Ion taps.

Winners: Samoa Joe and the Wolves

Back from commercial and Velvet Sky approaches Dixie in her office. She brings up Chris Sabin's challenge and asks her to call off the match. Dixie says that she learned from MVP that she can't sit on her back and get paid to look pretty so she will just have to go through with the match. Sky leaves, and MVP asks Dixie why she is okay with a girl facing a guy. Dixie says that she wishes MVP was a wrestler so that she could find someone to fight him. Spud says that if MVP were a wrestler, he'd be the man to fight him. MVP says that he brought his gear, and says that he will fight him and their match will be next.

Then, the match between Eric Young and Abyss last week is recapped. Abyss comes down to the ring without his mask on. He picks up a mic and says to keep the lights dim. He apologizes and says that he never wanted this to happen this way, but his good buddy Eric Young wanted to prove that Abyss and Joseph Park were the same. He tells Young to come down and see what he's done.

Eric Young comes down to ringside. He says he was just trying to help. Abyss asks why Young won't get closer to him and asks if he is afraid. Young gets in the ring and says he proved last week that he isn't afraid of anything. What he doesn't understand is what is going on with Abyss. He says that Abyss asked for his help. Park asked for help finding Abyss. Abyss holds up his mask and says that it's the reality of what Young did last week. He says that Young proved Park is Abyss.

Young says that what he proved is that Abyss is his friend. He loves Abyss like the crowd does. He proved Abyss and Park are the same person, and he showed him exactly who he is. Abyss asks who he is. He yells and asks who Young is. Abyss says he has carved his body to bits and destroyed people's lives and careers. He has left carnage wherever he goes. He tells Young to look at his scars. They tell the story, the blood, tacks, and barbed wire.

Abyss says calmly he can't be that guy anymore. He can't do what he did anymore. What he needs is help. Young says that they have come this far, and says they should finish it together. He says he can help Abyss. Abyss pushes him and screams that he doesn't need his help. He says that he and Young are done. What he needs to do is go away and fix this. He needs to fix Young's mistake and finds somebody that truly understands him. Abyss says he will find someone that understands him and he is going to fix this. He drops his mask at Young's feet and leaves the ring.

Back from commercial and Samuel Shaw has a run in with Christy Hemme. He says that he agrees they should keep things professional.

MVP vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud hesitantly slides in the ring. MVP approaches, and Spud slides back out. MVP leaves the ring and chases Spud. Spud gets inside and attacks MVP with strikes as MVP tries to get in. He kicks MVP's leg and strikes him in the face. Spud slaps MVP. MVP lifts Spud up and drops him to the mat. He spikes Spud's face against his knee and drops an elbow. MVP kicks Spud hard in the head for the win.

Winner: MVP

Then, Bobby Roode is shown backstage hollering for Dixie and slamming doors open.

Back from commercial and a video for a wrestler called Willow is shown.

Then, Dixie Carter is talking on the phone to someone about MVP. Roode approaches and she gets off the phone. Roode says that she owes him a title shot. She calls him a sore loser, and he freaks out and tosses a bin. Roode says that she promised she'd have his back. Roode says that she does not want him against her. He walks off angrily.

Velvet Sky vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin picks up the mic before the match. He says that because he is a kindhearted and sexy gentleman, he will give her the first shot for free. She doesn't hit him, and he asks what's wrong, she's getting the attention she wants. He closes his eyes, and she doesn't hit him. Sabin says he doesn't know what he ever saw in her and calls her a skank. Velvet kicks Sabin between the legs, and he pulls a cup out and calls her stupid. Velvet hits another low blow, and Sabin falls to the mat. Velvet gets on top and hits him with strikes. Another female wrestler gets in the ring and hits Velvet with a big boot. Sabin tells her to finish Velvet, and the wrestler locks Velvet in a full Nelson. She rag dolls Velvet around and tosses her to the mat. Sabin pins Velvet and the female wrestler does the three count.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Sabin gets on the female wrestler's shoulders after the match and celebrates.

Then, Bully Ray is shown entering Anderson's dressing room. He goes through Anderson's stuff and takes his phone. Bully calls Anderson's wife and says that he is going to send Anderson home to her in a coffin. He tells her to tell the twins Daddy says goodbye.

Back from commercial and Bobby Roode is asked what happened in Dixie's office. He said he lost it, and that everything has to come to an end. It's too much for him, and it's over. He says he needs time to think and figure something out for next week. Security comes into his dressing room to escort Roode out.

Casket Match
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson spears Bully and hits strikes to the head. He whips Bully into the corner and lands a clothesline. Anderson hits a swinging neckbreaker. He pulls off the football jersey that Bully is wearing and chokes him with it. Anderson tosses Bully across the ring. Bully rolls outside. Anderson follows and Bully attacks him from behind as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Anderson charges Bully with a chair. Bully puts his boot up, and the chair collides with Anderson's head. Bully gets a chair, and Anderson hits Bully's chair with his own, sending Bully's chair into his face. Anderson goes outside and pulls put a table. He slides it into the ring and sets it up. Anderson is bleeding from the face. Bully hits a big boot. Bully punches Anderson in the face. He wipes the blood off Anderson's face and wipes it on his. Bully slides the coffin into the ring.

Anderson goes up top, and Bully crotches him. He hits Anderson with a chair. Bully climbs up top with Anderson and superplexes him off. Bully rolls Anderson into the coffin and picks the lid up. He goes to put it on, and Anderson puts his feet and hands up to stop him. Bully hits Anderson in the head with the coffin lid and goes for a chair shot, but Anderson punches Bully between the legs. Anderson gets out of the coffin. Bully picks Anderson up and powerbombs him through the set up table.

Bully picks Anderson up and takes him to the coffin. He goes to pile drive Anderson inside the coffin, but Anderson counters out and mic checks Bully into the coffin. Anderson puts the lid on for the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Then, Dixie approaches MVP in the office. She says that MVP has been leveraging his shares, and it has to stop. She has zero tolerance for him. She offers to buy MVP's shares. MVP asks why she thinks he wants to sell, and Dixie pulls out a contract. She tells him it's a significant amount of money, and he agrees. He says it would be the biggest payday he's ever seen. Dixie says that he should sign the contract and make the money. MVP says he didn't come to make money. He came to make TNA better. Dixie asks what he's thinking. He balls the contract up and tosses it into the trash. MVP says as a wrestler, he thinks he has a solution. He proposes a four on four team match where the winner assumes control of the company. Dixie hates the idea. MVP tells her to make the decision, and Dixie says MVP will get what he wants, but it won't be in the way he thought. MVP gets up and leaves, and Dixie sits angrily as the show ends.

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