Thanks to one of our readers for passing along the photo above and these notes from CM Punk's appearance at Comic-Con this past weekend.

- Punk appeared to be in a great mood and excited about the weekend. He was obviously really tired, and did talk about how he's worn out. He joked about being ready to do nothing but sit on his couch.

- He said that he's tired of traveling and never gets to see the places anyway since it's just going from one show to the next, without ever getting to do any touristy stuff.

- He said that he's been really sick, especially from September through November of last year. He was basically having weekly MRIs and blood work done, but they can't figure out what's wrong. Visit Wrestling Inc.He noted that he started eating meat again and is starting to feel a little better, but still wasn't even close to 100%.

- He called Batista a friend, but didn't feel that the time was right to come back because it Visit Wrestling Inc.was so unfair to take away the glory from the other wrestlers who work so hard every day.

- He was frustrated with the direction that the company was going and felt that the writers weren't in touch with what the fans want.

- He doesn't think that Sting should come to WWE because frankly, Visit Wrestling Inc.he doesn't have anything left in the tank and would again take away from the younger wrestlers.

- He's interested in the UFC if his body is up for it, but right now he didn't think his body was in any shape for it. If he could get to feeling better, it might be an itch that he wants to scratch.

- He's good money-wise, and hasn't really spent much so he's not worried about receiving a paycheck anymore.

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