TNA Genesis Results With Video: World Title Match, New Champion Crowned And More

Sting comes out first. Again, if Sting loses this match, his contract in TNA will not be renewed. Magnus comes out solo. Samoa Joe is out there with Sting. JB introduces the main event.

No Disqualification Match for TNA World Title and Sting's Contract: Magnus vs Sting

They lock up and Sting hits a shoulder knock-down. They lock up again and Magnus has a side-headlock in and he hits a shoulder block of his own. Sting hits a high elbow and Magnus is into the corner. They square up again and Magnus locks in an armbar, but Sting reverses it. Magnus switches it around a gain nicely, but Sting takes him down by the arm. They back off again and Magnus scores with a kick in the guy and puts the boots to Sting on the mat. Sting fights abck and htis some right hands. Sting hits another high elbow and they both charge in and hit stereo clotheslines.

EC3 comes down the ramp, but Joe stops him and gets in his face. We then go to ads. When we come back and Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on Magnus. Bad Influence come down and brawl with Samoa Joe. EC3 comes in and breaks up the hold. Magnus and EC3 double team Sting, but Sting fights them off and clears the ring. Joe hits the suicide dive and takes them all out. Magnus goes for the suplex, but STing counters and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. The ref starts counting, but Zema Ion drags the ref out of the ring.

The BroMans come down and beat down Joe. Sting is in the ring and all the heels come in and beat down Sting. Bad Influence and The BroMans are choking Sting, but Kurt Angle comes down and takes out all the men with suplexes. He hits an angle slam on each member of Bad Influence and clears the ring. Magnus climbs the turnbuckle, but Sting cuts him off and hits a superplex. Sting has the cover but the ref is late sliding in and Magnus kicks out at two.

Sting misses the Stinger splash, and gets the referee. Sting cathces Magnus coming off the top and locks in the Deathlock. Magnus is tapping, but there is no ref. Roode runs down and hits the lariat to the back of Sting's head. Magnus hits a really crappy Emerald Flowsion and goes for the cover. Dixie Carter drags Earl Hebner into the ring and he slowly counts the three count.

Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus and Dixie celebrate in the ring and Dixie has Sting's contract. Magnus takes it and rips it up and throws it on Sting's body and Impact goes off the air.

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