TNA Genesis Results With Video: World Title Match, New Champion Crowned And More

Angle gets up and tries to get out of the cage. Angle is almost over the top, but Roode is there to challenge him. Roode brings him back in, but Angle chops away on the top rope. Roode gets knocked off the rope and crotches himself. Angle scales the rest of the cage while Roode starts to crawl towards the door, but Angle gets out first.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle celebrates outside the cage while Roode rolls around on the outside holding his ankle.

We come back from commercial and see EC3 talking to Spud backstage. EC3 tries to get Spud pumped up for his match. He calls Spud a champion, a man who won British Boot Camp. He calls Spud the British Dream, and he says he sees a blinding rage in Spud's eyes, and he is going to prove all the detractors wrong. He makes him roar like a Lion and makes Spud go crazy.

We see the BroMans in the ring. Jesse says that everyone only Bro's once, so everyone should tweet #YOBRO. They say some more hastags involving the word Bro. Ion gets the mic and hypes them up really good and he declares them the greatest tag champs ever. He says that EY and Joseph Park (#CupcakeEater) are going down.

EY comes down alone, but gets triple teamed by the BroMans. The Abyss music plays and he comes down in full get-up and he clears house. He hits Jesse with a chokeslam and then a black hole slam on Robbie and the Shock Treatment on Ion. Abyss looks at EY in the corner and EY approaches him and Abyss locks on a goozle. EY tries to calm him down while the crowd chants "No". Abyss lets him go and walks away.

We see Joe talking in the back. He says his knee is fine and he has never felt better. He has watched his friend Magnus, become a sell-out. He says he has seen too many battles, and he has had the knife in his back and in his hand. He says he needs to send a message, and the best way to communicate is through pain. He says Spud will be his victim tonight.

We come back from ads and Angle is talking about the upcoming match. He is talking about how Sting is putting too much on the line, and he says he tried to talk him out of it. The cameraman asks Angle what advice he could give him. Angle says that so many people in this company love him, and if they lose him...he can't finish. Angle says he loves him and wishes him the best and hopes he wins. There was clearly a match going on in the background and you could here everything during the segment.

Rockstar Spud comes out alone and looks nervous. Samoa Joe comes out after him.

Samoa Joe vs Rockstar Spud

They have a stare down and Joe turns away to give Spud a free shot. Spud tries to grip his waist, but Joe shirks him off. Spud tries to talk some smack and he hits some strikes that Joe no-sells. Joe chops Spud down hard and goes to work. He facewashes him in the corner and goes for the ole kick, but Spud gets out of the way. Spud comes off the top, but Joe catches him and holds him high over his head but Spud slips out and rakes his eyes. Joe catches him with a uranage slam in the corner. He hits the musclebuster and locks in the rear naked choke and Spud taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe grabs the mic and says tonight, Magnus vs Sting is going to be one on one, and if anyone has a problem with that, they are going to have to go through him.

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