TNA Genesis Results With Video: World Title Match, New Champion Crowned And More

TNA Genesis Results With Video: World Title Match, New Champion Crowned And More

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Impact opens with a video previewing Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode and Sting vs Magnus, with Sting's career in TNA on the line if he loses.

We see Dixie and Spud backstage. Magnus comes in and he shakes hands with an attorney for TNA. Dixie is flustered by the attornery. The lawyer says that he has just gotten off the phone with management and he says that someone over the last few months has been planning a hostile takeover. The lawyer says they are more interested in wrestling operations than business operations. The attorney says he can fix the problem, but they need to cooperate over the short term. These guys want to let Sting have someone in his corner. Magnus says that they agree to that, but that the match must also be a No DQ match. The lawyer says that can happen.

Magnus says that Sting is behind all of this, and Dixie tells him just to go out there and win.

Magnus' music hits and he comes to the ring with Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. Magnus asks if this is the game Sting wants to play? Last week he put his title on the line, with Sting's career as the stakes, but it turns out Sting has been weaseling his way politically back into TNA. He thought Sting was a man?

Sting hits the ring and and says that now Magnus is ready to honor a deal. He reminds Magnus of his deal with AJ Styles? Magnus demands to know how much he paid that investor? Sting says that he doesn't sell out, he doesn't know anything about an investor, he just knows he can pick someone to be in his corner. Magnus says that Sting needs to pin him or make him submit, and he can't do that? Magnus beat Sting at BFG, he made him tap out.

Sting says that he knows that, but he got back on his feet again. He says that he already watched the tape on that match, and he knows everything Magnus is going to do before Magnus does. He calls Magnus a paper champion, who didn't really win anything, and he traded honor for greed. He says that Magnus has lost the respect of everybody.

Magnus slaps Sting, and Sting waits a moment before retaliating with a right hand. Spud and EC3 get him and Magnus leaves the ring. Samoa Joe comes in and clears the ring. Him and Sting are in the ring and Sting introduces Joe as the man who is going to be in his corner tonight. They stand tall in the ring as Magnus and crew go to the back.

Tenay and Tazz run down the nights matches. In addition to the world title match, Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle in a steel cage match, James Storm vs Gunner for the World Title Shot Briefcase and Chris Sabin vs Austin Aries for the X Division Championship.

We get a video package detailing Storm and Gunner's relationship leading up to the match tonight. Gunner then comes down with his briefcase for his match, and we go to commercials. When we come back, Spud is running around backstage and asks Dixie what to do about Joe. Dixie says that they should make sure Joe is not capable of being in his corner. She says he is going to be in a match tonight, against Spud. Spud is flabbergasted, but Dixie encourages him and sends him away.

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