Final Resolution Results With Video: New World Champion Crowned

Magnus then comes down and the announcers hype about what Dixie said to Hardy. JB does his introductions and we are set to go.

Dixieland Match for TNA World Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Magnus

They start off trading blows and Magnus gets the advantage, pounding Hardy in the corner. Magnus continues the tee off, but Hardy connects with a head scissors and hits the 10 fists in the corner. He hits a corner dropkick and hits some shoulder blocks into the turnbuckle. They hit the ropes and Magnus comes through with a big lariat. Magnus climbs the cage as Hardy is down. Magnus turns around, but misses the top rope elbow drop.

Both men get up as Hardy heads to the corner. He gets close to the top of teh cage, but Magnus cuts him off. Hardy bounces Magnus off of the cage, and Magnus goes down. Hardy misses a swanton and both men are down. Magnus goes to the other side of the ring and starts to climb the cage. EC3 comes out from the back and stands next to Dixie on teh stage. Both men are fighting on the top of the turnbuckle, and Hardy hits a back suplex, taking them both down. We then go to ads.

We come back from the break and both men are down. Hardy tries to climb out of some random hole in the cage where TNA puts the cameras. Magnus pulls him back in by the ankle, and Hardy kicks him off. He hits an inverted atomic drop and hits a leg drop to the groin. Hardy hits a flying forearm and starts to climb the cage. Magnus tries to stop him, but Hardy shrugs him off. Hardy does a cool springboard off of the cage and hits a splash.

Hardy hits the twist of fate, and Magnus comes back off the ropes and Hardy goes for a second one, but Magnus pushes him off and cuts him down with a chop block. Magnus locks in a cloverleaf and lets go. Magnus goes for the escape, but Hardy pulls him down. Hardy misses a clothesline, but Magnus catches him with the fall-away suplex slam. Magnus goes to the top and hits the elbow from the top.

Magnus gets up and sizes up Hardy. He whips Hardy into the corner, but Hardy catches him with an elbow and Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind, which doesn't really make a lot of contact with Magnus. Hardy climbs to the cage and stands on the top. He looks at Dixie and hits the Whisper in the Wind, this time connecting all the way from the top.

Both men get up and climb opposite sides of the cage. EC3 comes down and tries to grab Magnus, but Magnus kicks him off. They both fall to the ground, and Hardy limps by them. They get up, but Hardy turns around and nails EC3 and hits the twist of fate. Magnus and Hardy trade blows on the floor, and Magnus gets the advantage. Magnus heads up the ramp, but Hardy catches him and hits him with the Twist of Fate on the entrance ramp.

Hardy tries to get to the ladder, but Dixie stands in front of him. Hardy threatens to punch her, and Dixie moves. He climbs the ladder and throws his shirt at Dixie. Hardy is near the belt, but Spud pushes Hardy off of the ladder, and he takes a nasty spill on the ramp. Spud motions to Magnus that this is his chance, and Magnus gets up and grab the belt.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus celebrates with the title, Dixie, Spud and EC3 on the top of the ramp as Impact goes off the air.

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