Final Resolution Results With Video: New World Champion Crowned

EY is shown talking about how his experiment went last week with his buddy. Tonight, he has a gift for him, and he holds up a present that is clearly a steel chair wrapped in wrapping paper.

Ey comes down to the ring empty handed. We get a recap of Young making Park bleed and him turning into Abyss. EY is in the ring and has a table set up with some gifts. He calls Park out and he comes down to the ring. EY tells him that he is Abyss. Park says that EY has always been a great friend, but he does not know what to believe. He says that his name is Joseph Park. EY explains how last week, when PArk bled, Abyss showed up. Park says that he blacks out when that stuff happens and he never remembers all that stuff.

EY says this will be a two-part test. Next week, he will face Kaz and Daniels in a Monsters Ball match. Park says that is not his match, it his brothers match, and that he won't do it. EY says that is the second part, the first part are these presents. He hands him the first gift and it is the chair. He opens the second one and it is a box. Inside the box is a bag of thumbtacks. Park pours them on the table, and begins to open the third and final present. The final gift is barbed wire.

Park says that he appreciates this, but he is still not going to wrestle next week. EY says that he is a showman, and that he saved the best for last. The final gift is under the ring. Park lifts up the apron and pulls out Janice. Park says alright, and that he will do it. Park walks back to the back staring at Janice.

We get a recap of Magnus talking to Hardy earlier about Hardy drinking with Dixie. Hardy is in his locker room and Samoa Joe sits down. Joe says that the only man that looks like that is a man who feels guilty. Joe says that in pro wrestling, it is a dog eat dog world, and sometimes people take short-cuts to get to the top. He just never thought Hardy was like that. Hardy says that Joe is not getting an explanation and storms away.

JB is in the conference room with Gunner, Chavo Zema Ion and EC3. They all have their briefcases and are ready to open them. The possible outcomes are a World title shot, a world tag team title championship shot, an X division title shot, and a pink slip. Dixie comes in and says that she is so accustomed to coming up with great innovative ideas, and tonight, their lives are about to change.

Zema Ion is the first person to open his briefcase. Ion says there is a 100% he is going home, with gold around his waist. Ion opens his case and it is the X title shot. Ion is elated and leaves the room. JB asks if it is the tag title shot, will he pick Storm? Gunner says that is a dumb question, of course he will pick Storm. Gunner opens it and it is the World Title shot. Gunner stands up and says finally he got something he deserved. Storm looks him in the eye and they both leave.

Chavo says that whatever is in his briefcase, it will not change the fact that he is a Guerrero. EC3 says that he is a Carter, and he doesn't lose. Sting then comes in and says that he asked EC3 to do something interesting, and now his career is on the line. Sting asks Chavo if he ever had anything given to him; Chavo ironically says that all Guerrero's had to work twice as hard.

Sting then says that he will give EC3 a choice, he can take this burden off of EC3 and the briefcase will go to him. All he asks is that EC3 wrestles him. EC3 blows him off and sits down. They both open the briefcases at the same time, and Guerrero gets the pink slip and EC3 gets the tag shot. The Carters are elated, but Sting cuts them off and says that it is over for them, and that he makes them both sick. Dixie is still happy, but EC3 is scared of what Sting said.

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