Final Resolution Results With Video: New World Champion Crowned

Final Resolution Results With Video: New World Champion Crowned

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Impact opens with a recap of AJ Styles walking out of TNA as champion and the subsequent world title tournament. Tonight, Magnus will take on Jeff Hardy for the vacant world title in a "Dixieland" match. Tonight is Impact's Final Resolution TV special.

Magnus is shown in the back asking a stage hand if they have seen Hardy. The man says no, and Magnus says he is going to the ring to say something that is going to get every one's attention.

Magnus comes out to the ring with a microphone. Magnus says he loves this business, and that is why he busted his gut and put his body threw hell, because he loves this business. He said that for the last five years, he has made his career in the US and he is proud of that. He said that when he came here, money talks. He says that is not about that for him, not the fancy houses and five star hotels. For him, it is always about pride, honor and respect. He wonders if the same can be said for his opponent, Jeff Hardy.

Magnus says that he as big of a fan of Hardy as anybody. Magnus says that Jeff slayed all of his demons, but there may be one little demon creeping his way back in; greed. He says that last week he was filmed having drinks with Dixie Carter. Magnus says that Jeff Hardy owes everybody an explanation, because this is the most important match of his life, and he is not going to let him or Dixie fool him.

Hardy comes down and says that Magnus jumps to that conclusion because of one little moment he had with Dixie Carter, he doesn't even know him? Magnus says he knows about Hardy's history, he knows about 10/10/10. Hardy says that was a different him, but Magnus says that it was the same place, a wrestling ring, where he sold out for the championship. Magnus says that he didn't think people were filming him did he? Magnus says that all these people forgave him, and what will they think of him if they sold out? Hardy gets upset and says that he should worry about his life, and Hardy will worry about his, and storms away.

Hemme is in the back and asks Angle about his match tonight against Bobby Roode. Angle says that a lot has happened between them, and Roode has had his number. Tonight though, things will be different, tonight he will show the world what Kurt Angle is all about, and that he still has it. Tonight he will not only beat Roode once, but he will beat him twice.

We get a video recap of Angle and Roode's rivalry leading up to tonight.

JB is in the back outside of a conference room. He hypes how tonight is the opening of the briefcases from the Feast or Fired Match. He interviews Chavo and Zema Ion. Ion gets on Chavo's nerves.

Hemme introduces Angle, who comes down for his match, and is followed by Roode.

Two-out-of-3 Falls Match: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode

The bell rings and they lock up. Roode gets the advantage, but Kurt fights out and they exchange very fast one counts. They square up and go at it again, Angle scores with a shoulder knockdown and teases the angle slam, but Roode slips out and teases the Death Valley Driver, bur Kurt slips out and tries to get the ankle lock on, but Roode gets to the ropes.

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