WWE NXT star Solomon Crowe, formerly known on the indies as Sami Callihan, debuted his new hacker gimmick at last night's NXT live event in Tampa, Florida.

While Kalisto, the former Samuray del Sol, was in the ring hyping up the crowd during intermission, the lights went out and the sounds from an Emergency Broadcast Signal alarm went off. The lights flickered and when they came back on, Crowe was standing above Kalisto, who he had just laid out. Crowe had a tablet in hand, indicating that he had hacked the entire arena and had control over everything. Crowe didn't speak but pressed a button on the tablet again, turning off the lights and activating the EBS sounds again so he could disappear.

Crowe tweeted:

"11000011110001111111..... Numbers tell the story #SongsOfSolomon"

"The Crowe has landed....... #NXTTampa #SongsOfSolomon #ItHasBegun"

"@KalistoWWE is the first of many.... You will never....see....me....coming.....11000101110110000101011101 #SongsOfSolomon #NXTTampa"

Here's a photo of his new look:

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