Views From The Turnbuckle: WWE Wrestling Style And Its Future

Some guys like Antonio Cesaro and Seth Rollins have such extensive repertoires that we have really only scene about 10% of what they can do in the ring. Some moves are obviously too dangerous to do in WWE on a frequent basis, so don't expect to see God's Last Gift anytime soon. Others however, seem to have been taken out of WWE for no particular reason. Cesaro's Ricola Bomb would certainly be a great move for Cesaro, especially to help get him over as a face. Unlike a lot of other moves, the Ricola Bomb is as safe as a normal powerbomb, so why not let Cesaro use it? It almost feels like a waste to see Cesaro in WWE and only see him use the giant swing, the Neutralizer and the deadlift gut-wrench suplex.

Some wrestlers have come to WWE and really struggled to adjust to WWE wrestling. Sin Cara is the most notable example, most likely because he skipped NXT and went straight to WWE's main roster. Sin Cara comes from a lucha libre background, where what WWE fans would describe as botches happen quite frequently during matches. That is just the style that the company works. Cara never learned how to wrestle inside the WWE ring, and how to work WWE style matches, which has led to numerous botches and injuries.

Because of that, it is important that even the most experienced wrestlers need to spend time learning the ropes in NXT before they are brought up to the main roster. Few would doubt that Sami Zayn has the wrestling skills to work great matches on the main roster, but he still needs to learn how to work a WWE style match before showing up on Raw or Smackdown. It sucks to have to wait for these talents to get called up, but it is a necessary step in protecting the talents when they reach the main roster.

Lastly, because of the greater influence of independent workers in WWE, a faster, more independent style has taken hold in WWE. Since WWE is now relying heavily on companies like ROH and DG USA to groom talent for them, those companies' respective wrestling style is beginning to take a foot hold in WWE. 2013 was the fastest year for WWE, as workers like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose pushed the pacing of matches to unprecedented levels. With speed stars like Sami Zayn and Samuray Del Sol in NXT, it is likely that the pace will continue to be pushed.

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