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We start off with Dixie talking to Adam "don't call me Pacman" Jones backstage. Anderson approaches Dixie and asks for a match against Bully, and she agrees for a match tonight, as long as Anderson brings it.

We get a recap of AJ Styles walking out on TNA and Dixie organizing the championship tournament which starts tonight.

TNA is live in Cincinnati tonight. Tenay hypes tonights Full Metal Mayhem match between Hardy and Sabin later tonight. Adam Jones and some other obscure Bengals player are sitting ring side.

The Main Event Mafia, in its entirety, come out to the ring. Tenay says that three of the four members are in the championship tournament. Sting says that he reformed the MEM for two reasons. One was to get rid of Bully Ray as champ, and to keep Aces and Eights in check. He says that there job is now accomplished, but the struggle was a lot for the group. Sting announces that for now, the MEM is going back on the shelf.

Sting says they are all dealing with a lot, especially himself. Sting talks about how he failed to get into the championship tournament last night. He puts over Magnus, Angle and Joe as guys that will all become world champion. Sting says that he is going to face something called entitlement. He says he is talking about those who think this business owes them something, that they can come in and get whatever they want.

Sting says he was not taught that way, and he has mucho respect for wrestling and especially those who came before him. Sting says goodbye to the MEM, and says that he loves Joe and Angle, but just hugs Magnus and walks away.

Joe grabs the mic and says that for the last few months, he had their backs, and it was fun, but he has been denied a world championship for too long. He says he considers them both great friends, but he intends are reminding them that they make far better enemies.

Magnus takes the mic and says to Angle that he is on a road to redemption and he applauds Angle for that. He says that Angle's road to redemption crosses over with his road to destiny. Magnus says that if it comes down to him and Kurt, if he has too, he will mow Kurt down. Magnus says he has championship gold on his mind, and for the first time in his career he is focused on becoming the champion of the world.

Kurt says that Sting is right, and they all have their personal goals to attain. Kurt says that his is to win the world title, and that he must do this, to prove that he is HOF worthy. He says that he had a setback last week, that he ignored doctors warnings and he got knocked out. Kurt says that he talked to his doctor this week...but Roode's music comes down and interrupts him.

Roode says that he is embarrassed for Kurt, making excuse after excuse each week. Roode dares Angle to be a man, and to admit that he lost twice in a row to Roode, and move on. Just like he is moving on, because the world title tournament is upon us. Roode says that if they happen to face each other in the tournament, he will have no problem kicking his ass a third time.

Angle says he has Aries next week, and that eventually he will meet Roode in the finals, and that time, his ass is Angles. Angle says that maybe he does not want to wait to kick his ass, and he punches Roode. Security come in and separate them. Taz calls Roode Rick Rude, and we go to commercial.

We come back and Angle is still in the ring, as he is now sitting on a chair. He says he can wait all night, and that he wants Roode to come back out. Roode, who went to the back during the break apparently, comes down in a tank top and jeans and they fight outside the ring. Officials came out and try to separate Angle and Roode. Eventually they do and the refs take Angle to the back, but Kurt breaks away and heads to the ring to meet Roode. Talent from the back come out and separate the two in the ring. A lot of pushing by both guys as they both kind of push around the officials in the corner. Eventually Angle leaves as his music plays.

Tenay and Tazz go over what Sting said about the break up of the MEM. They hype the start of the world title tournament and Full Metal Mayhem for tonight between Sabin and Hardy. They say that Sabin has the deck stacked against him.

Daniels and Kaz talk over the railing with Jones and De'Quinn Evans (the other guy with Jones). They enter the ring against Bad Influence and hit twin scoop slams on Daniels and Kaz. Bad Influence head to the back while Jones and Evans celebrate in the ring.

A number one contenders match between ODB, Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher is up next.

Knux and Garrett are walking in a stairwell and Anderson comes up to them and says that what is going on is not club buissness. Anderson said leaving Aces & 8s was the best thing that happened to him, and they should get out.

Velvet is out next, followed by Brooke Tessmacher and her assets. ODB is out last.

Number One Contenders Match For The Knockouts Title: ODB vs Velvet Sky vs Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke stars of the match with a booty shake, and her and Velvet have kind of a dance off. ODB knocks Brooke down and throws her and Velvet back in the corner and hits a double bronco buster. She goes for a scoop slam on Sky, but Brooke comes over with a schoolboy for a one count.

Sky comes up and hits a few clotheslines on Brooke and a neckbreaker for a two count. ODB powerslams Sky, but Brooke comes over and hits a twisting necbreaker. She climbs the ropes and hits a flying elbow drop off the top rope.

Gail and Tapa come down to the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back and all three women are trading chops in the ring. ODB gets the best of them and locks in a single leg crab on Brooke. Sky comes over and hooks the other leg to make it a full crab. They both get off Brooke and trade blows in the center of the ring. Sky eats a shoulder tackle by ODB. ODB powerslams Brooke onto Sky and goes outside the ring to talk smack to Gail. Brooke gets up and knocks ODB down, but Velvet comes over and clotheslines Brooke.

They all get in the ring and Brooke hits a short-arm clothesline on Sky. Brooke climbs the ropes again and sort-of hits a crossbody on both ODB and Sky. Tapa climbs the apron and distracts Sky who gets up. Sky fights off Brooke and goes for the pedigree, but Kim comes in and beats down Sky, causing a disqualification despite it being a triple threat match. Kim and Tapa get in the ring and decimate all three women.

Winner: Disqualification

Kim grabs a mic and says that she has beaten everybody and that she has no competition for the title. She issues an open challenge to any female wrestler outside of the company, and if they can beat her, she will give them a title match. Gail says no one can beat the first-ever, longest reigning KO's champion of all-time.

We get a little recap of AJ in AAA and then a promo for the One Night Only for the Tournament of Champions Show.

We see Hardy warming up backstage and they show us a recap of Hardy and Aries from BFG in 2012 where Hardy won the TNA World Title.

Bully is talking to Garrett and Knux in the back. Bully says that he hears and sees everything that goes on, and questions them about Anderson. He says that he brought the club together not for him, but for "us". Garrett calls him out and says when was the last time they voted on anything and Knux backs him up. Ray says that Knux has never been the brains of the group, but Knux flips out and says that tonight, they are voting, them three and Tazz. Knux storms away and Bully looks rattled.

Dixie is backstage and she is yelling at somebody on the phone. She is screaming saying that this guy is humiliating her, and that also means he is humiliating him. She tells the person on the phone to fix it. EC3 knocks on the door, and Dixie asks him to pick his own opponent. EC3 says Dixie has Tested him a lot since he debuted, and he is worried about tonight. Dixie reassures him and kisses him on the cheek goodbye.

Garrett and Knux are in the ring, and Garrett is saying they are going to vote on the future of the club right now. He asks Tazz to come into the ring and he obliges. He calls Bully down to the ring and he also comes to the ring.

Bully is pissed and he does is whole "Do you know who I am?" bit. Garrett says they all know who he is, the poison that tore this club apart. Since day one, it has all been about him, and tonight they are going to decide on the future of the group.

Anderson hits the ring wearing a military jacket and Bully is livid that Anderson is there. Anderson says not to mind him, he is just here to watch this whole thing implode. Garrett says it is time to vote, and he is finished. He takes off his jacket and hangs it in the turnbuckle. Ray pleads with Knux and asks him to take out Garrett. Knux says he does not need Bully, the club, or these colors. Knux takes off his jacket and puts it with Garretts.

Bully says fine, they are going to have a tie. Bully says they know what Tazz and him are going to vote, so the president breaks the tie. He points to Tazz and says since he is his best friend, and he knows he is going to side with him. Tazz grabs the mic and says Bully needs to pump the breaks a little bit. He says that there whole careers they have done the right thing, and this club has gone wrong. Tazz says that Anderson, Knux and Garrett are right, and he is done. He takes off his jacket and Bully demands that he puts them back on. Tazz says make me, and Bully turns his cap around like Ash Ketchem. They stare at each other and Bully says that he is going to say it one more time, put your colors back on. Tazz says make me again, and that he will destroy Bully. Bully points at Anderson and says that this is all his fault.

Anderson says that Bully has no more men to manipulate. Anderson says that November, 24th, at Turning Point, they will have a No DQ match. Bully says that he is sick of Anderson, and that for someone that respects Stone Cold Steve Austin so much, he forgot the very first rule.

Suddenly, Garrett and Knux attack Anderson and throw him into the ring and beat him down. Bully beats down Anderson with a chain and says "Don't Trust Anybody." Bully says that when you ride with Aces & 8s, you never walk alone as all four men celebrate in the ring.

Tenay and Tazz are talking and Roode pops out of literally nowhere and calls Angle out. Roode is screaming at Tazz and Tenay to bring Angle out here. The lights go out and Ethan Carter III comes out for his match. Apparently, Roode has left and he will not be facing EC3. Following EC3, Dewey Barnes is back for a rematch apparently.

Ethan Carter III vs Dewey Carter III

They lock up and EC3 gets the advantage and pounds away on Barnes in the corner. He hits a clothesline in the corner and a big atomic facebuster. He boots Dewey in the gut a few times and taunts Barnes. Barnes gets up and fights back with a few forearms and a single leg dropkick. He hits a swinging necbreaker and climbs the top rope. He misses a missile dropkick and EC3 hits the headlock driver, which Tenay dubs the 1 percenter for the three count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

EC3 grabs a mic and says that he is a Carter, and that the world needs them.

Joesph Park is eating candy in the back and Bad Influence runs in. They question him about Abyss and where he was when Abyss showed up last week. Parks says that he doesn't know what they are talking about, but Kaz and Daniels are not having it and they dump his candy on Parks. EY comes in and challenges them to a tag match and they accept.

Kaz and Daniels are out first, followed by EY and Park.

Bad Influence vs Eric Young and Joseph Park

EY and Daniels start off, but Kaz quickly runs in and they doubleteam EY. EY fights them off and hits a pair of clotheslines and tags in Park. Park scoop slams Kaz and tags in EY. EY hits a double axe handle off the top and head scissors Kaz out of the ring. EY hits a suicide dive onto Kaz and throws him back into the ring. He hits a diving crossbody for a two count.

EY gets on the apron, but Daniels dropkicks him off the apron and rolls him back into the ring. Kaz tags in Daniels and they hit a kick, clothesline and elbow combination for a two count. Daniels works on EY and goes for a back suplex, but EY flips out of it and hits a back suplex of his own. He goes and makes the tag to Park, but Kaz had the ref distracted and the ref does not see the tag. They try to doubleteam EY, but EY fights out and tags in Park.

Park cleans house and hits two scoop slams on Kaz and Daniels. He splashes Daniels in the corner, but Kaz dodges it. He misses a missile dropkick and PArk locks ina Boston Crab on Kaz. Daniels kicks Park to break the hold and Daniels and EY brawl on the outside. EY gets thrown into the steps while Park lifts Kaz into a firemans carry. Daniels runs over and throws an appletini in Park's face and Kaz rolls into an outside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Bad Influence

Full Metal Mayhem is up next.

Angle comes out and calls out Roode again, but Aries comes out instead. Aries says that Angle's mind and his focus is on Roode, but next week, he is not stepping into the ring with Roode. He is stepping in the ring with Austin Aries, and that if he does not bring 100% laser focus, he stands zero chance of beating the greatest man whoever lived.

Dixie is on the big screen and spins the wheel, and it lands on a submission match. Aries wishes Kurt good luck and walks away. Roode once again appears out of nowhere and beats down Angle. Aries comes back out and fights off Roode. Angle gets back up and pushes Aries away and they fight Roode. Security comes out again and separates the men.

We get a look at the bracket, the other matches are going to be Storm taking on Roode, and Magnus taking on Samoa Joe.

Hardy is out and it is time for Full Metal Mayhem. We go to commercial.

We come back and Hardy is on top of a ladder. Sabin is out next, this time without Velvet :(.

TNA World Title Tournament; Full Metal Mayhem: Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin

They start off and Hardy gets the early advantage. Sabin avoids a boot in the corner and stomps away on Hardy. Hardy hits a headscissors and a dropkick through the ropes, and clotheslines Sabin off the apron. Hardy stimps away on Sabin and grabs a ladder. He brings the ladder in the ring, but Sabin cuts him off and runs Hardy into the turnbuckle with the ladder. He does that a few times and he sets the ladder up on the bottom rope.

Sabin sets Hardy up like he is going for a slingshot suplex, but he hits a cool twisting neckbreaker that drives Hardy right onto the ladder. Sabin sets the ladder up in the corner and teases a suplex onto the ladder bu Hardy fights out of it and backdrops Sabin onto the ladder. Hardy nails Sabin with a trash can and covers for a two count.

Hardy has a crutch now and he beats down Sabin with it. Hardy goes to the outside and nabs a table. Hardy breaks one of the legs of the table while trying to fold it up, and he has to go to the other side of the ring to get a second table. He brings it into the ring and sets it up in the corner. He tries for the powerbomb facebuster into the table, but Sabin counters with a hurrancanrana. He charges into the turnbuckle, but Hardy gets an elbow up and goes for the Whisper in the Wind, but Sabin crotches him on the top rope.

He hits Hardy with a chair and sets him up in the tree of woe. He hits a hesitation dropkick on Hardy, connecting with the chair and into Hardy's face. Hardy gights out with the chair, and clotheslines him to the floor. Hardy brings Sabin over towards the ramp and sets Sabin up on a table. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle, and goes for a splash through the table, but Sabin gets out of the way and Hardy crashes through the table.

Sabin brings him back in the ring and sets up the table from the corner. Hardy looks lifeless as Sabin sets him up on the table. Sabin climbs the top rope and goes for a splash. Hardy gets his knees, up but he still goes through the table with Sabin. Both men get to there feet and Hardy hits the twist of fate. Hardy sets up the ladder next to the turnbuckle.

Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and gets onto the ladder and hits a swanton off the top of the ladder for the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, trainers and Velvet Sky come out to look at Sabin. Hardy celebrates as Impact goes off the air.

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