- Kofi Kingston answers fan questions on this week's edition of WWE Inbox as the Raw Superstar reveals his first job, the origins of Trouble in Paradise, and his dream opponent.

- The official WWE website has issued a poll asking fans whether it is too soon for John Cena to return to action. With over 40,000 votes cast, 45% say "No. Cena has overcome injuries before. He knows his body and when he's ready to return." 36% say "yes" and 20% say "not sure."

- On this week's edition of MLW Radio (listen here), Konnan revealed that some people in WWE feel CM Punk has a "big head." He is not the only talent perceived in that regard by co-workers as the former WCW competitor said a Total Divas star carries that reputation as well.

Having trouble remembering her name, Konnan states, "The other one that has a big head was...who I always used to bury and now I'm glad I did is uh...the one that was...I forgot her f****** name. The one that was dating...Ariane. Remember Ariane, from the Divas?"

He did not add elaborate on this, but indicated that unlike Daniel Bryan, Cameron, who appears under her real name, Ariane, on the E! scripted reality show, has let fame get the best of her.

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