- JB talks backstage to Magnus. He says he's knocking on Sting's door and will not leave until he's satisfied. Magnus says Sting is a legend with nothing to lose. Magnus says he has everything to lose and has a date with destiny. We get a vignette for their match.

Sting vs. Magnus

Sting is out first followed by Magnus. Lots of back and forth to start the match. Magnus keeps Sting grounded with a leg scissors.

Sting eventually applies the Scorpion submission. They both go down after colliding with clotheslines. Magnus comes back and uses some of Sting's own moves on him. 2 count for Magnus. More back and forth. Sting with the Scorpion again but it's broken. Magnus misses a top rope elbow drop. Magnus blocks the Scorpion Death Drop with elbows. Sting falls face first after so many elbows to the face.

Sting tells Magnus to bring it. Magnus ducks a clothesline and applies the Cloverleaf on Sting. Sting tries to reach the ropes but finally taps out to end the match.

Winner: Magnus

- After the match, Magnus hits the ropes to pose as Sting gets up. Magnus looks to be ignoring Sting as he continues his celebration. They end up shaking hands and Magnus walks off.

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