WWE NXT Recap: Dallas Defends Against Zayn, Heel Turn, NXT Tag Titles Defended, More

Paige and Emma vs. Summer Rae and Sasha Banks

Paige and Banks start off. Paige attacks Banks and starts screaming. The ref pulls Paige back. Banks comes at Paige and Paige sends her into the ropes. She pulls the top one back, hitting Banks. Summer comes in and Paige hits her with the rope move. Emma comes in and Summer sprints over to Banks and wraps her arms around her. Banks comes in. Emma drop toe holds Banks. She slams Banks into the corner. Emma gets two pin attempts. Banks comes back with a kick. She sends Emma to the ropes and Emma hangs on. Banks charges and Emma kicks her. Summer tries to attack, but Emma hits her.

The ref runs over to stop Paige from interfering. Emma charges at Banks, but Summer grabs her hair from behind and pulls her down. Banks stomps on Emma in the ring and tags in Summer. Summer chokes Emma on the middle rope. She slams Emma's head to the mat. Summer places Emma's head between her knees and drops to the mat. Summer places her feet on Emma's shoulders and pulls her arms back. Emma counters out with a pin attempt. Emma tries to crawl to Paige, but Summer pulls her back by her feet.

Emma somersaults out of Summer's grasp and tags in Paige. Paige attacks Summer and hits Banks off the apron. Paige drapes Summer over the middle rope, goes to the apron and knees her repeatedly. Paige tries to get back in the ring, but Banks grabs her feet. Paige kicks her off and Banks collides with the barrier. Paige hits Summer with something. The camera cuts away briefly so you can't see what. Paige gets a near pin fall. Paige hits a fisherman's Suplex and Banks breaks up the pin attempt.

Emma comes into the ring to stop Banks, but Banks sends her from the ring. Paige shoves Banks out of the ring. Summer locks in a full Nelson and then hits her leg drop finisher for the win.

Winners: Summer Rae and Sasha Banks

NXT Championship
Bo Dallas (c) vs. Sami Zayn

They circle each other and chain wrestle. Zayn gets a trio of pin attempts. They lock up and Zayn locks in a side headlock. Dallas reverses into his own side headlock. Dallas hits a headshot. He drops knees on Zayn's head and goes for several covers. Dallas locks in Zayn's head with a butterfly cravate. Zayn gets to his feet. Dallas sends him hard into the corner. Dallas does it again, but Zayn explodes out of the corner and hits a pair of suplexes. Zayn back drops Dallas. Zayn hits his running boot in the corner and hits the three count for the win, but Dallas had his foot on the ropes.

The ref gives Zayn the belt and JBL comes out. He points out that Dallas had his foot on the ropes and restarts the match.

Dallas hits an elbow that sends Zayn from the ring. Back from commercial and Dallas hits a forearm that knocks Zayn down. Dallas locks in Zayn's head again. Zayn gets to his feet and battles out. Dallas shoves Zayn to the ropes. He charges and Zayn pulls the ropes down. Dallas crashes to the outside. Zayn takes out Dallas with a suicide senton dive. He rolls Dallas back in the ring. Zayn goes up top and hits a crossbody for a near pin fall. Zayn goes for his running boot to the face again, but Dallas catches his foot. Dallas tries to fight back but Zayn channels Dr. Death and hits a spinning Gutwrench powerbomb for a near pin fall.

The crowd chants Let's Go Sami! Zayn tries to continue his attack, but Dallas kicks him in the head and hits a corner springboard bulldog. Bo Dallas hits an inverted DDT for a near pin fall. Dallas whips Zayn, but Zayn holds onto the ropes. Zayn hits a boot to the face and a spear for a near pin fall. Zayn grabs onto Dallas's hand and goes up top, but Dallas snatches his arm back and Zayn crotches himself on the top rope. Dallas readies a spear as the crowd chants No! No! No! Dallas hits a spear for a near pin fall.

The crowd erupts as Zayn kicks out. Dallas grabs Zayn and sets him up top. Dallas climbs up and strikes Zayn repeatedly in the head. Dallas goes for a superplex but Zayn blocks it and clubs Dallas in the back. Zayn hits a sunset flip powerbomb from up top for a near pin fall. Zayn hits two German Suplexes. He goes for a third, but Dallas grabs onto the corner and shoots himself forward. This sends Zayn's head into the top turnbuckle, which is exposed for some reason. Dallas rolls Zayn up for the win.

Winner and still Champion: Bo Dallas

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