Views From The Turnbuckle: BFG Preview, Bully Vs AJ, Dixie Carter, Angle Vs Roode And More

Views From The Turnbuckle: BFG Preview, Bully Vs AJ, Dixie Carter, Angle Vs Roode And More Photo: @henricosports
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Rapidly approaching is TNA's largest event of the year; "Bound for Glory", as TNA looks to find some success with their current product. The build-up to the show has been somewhat criticized for lacking a lot of emotion, but on paper, some of the matches look pretty good. TNA, for better or for worse, is pretty aggressive when it comes to booking storylines, so it is much more difficult to predict what is going to happen, since you never know what direction they might go in.

The main event of the show is the much-hyped World Heavyweight Championship match between the champ, Bully Ray, and the challenger, AJ Styles. With Aces & 8s crumbling, it is likely that this is going to be a title change. After maligning his fellow members, and cutting the group down to just three men, Bully's reign as the leader of the most dominant faction in the company is almost guaranteed to end. AJ has been represented as the face of the company and he will finally come through, vanquishing Aces once and for all at the biggest event of the year.

The way I see it, the match will start with Dixie Carter at ringside, in Bully's corner of course. Towards the end of the match, Garrett Bischoff and Knux will head down to ringside and try and interfere. Hulk Hogan's music will then hit, and Hogan will make a surprising return to Impact and take out Bischoff and Knux. While Bully is distracted, AJ will hit the Styles Clash and win the world title, as the show goes off the air with Hogan and AJ celebrating in the ring.

The build-up towards the match has been okay, some pretty conservative storytelling with the face chasing the heel champion for the world title. The only issue I have with it is the involvement of Dixie Carter. Dixie as a heel is almost jokingly bad. Dixie just does not have the acting chops to make her character work, and all it does is open her up to more criticism from fans who do not believe she does a capable job running the company. She lacks the overall camera presence and the feminine nastiness that her WWE counterpart, Stephanie McMahon, utilizes so well. Her alignment with Bully Ray has kind of soured the title feud, an unnecessary addition to a storyline that was pretty easy and straightforward to construct.

Bound for Glory's biggest problem is that it lacks a really solid B match. The main event is fine, it has been a long standing feud that will culminate in a match for the world title. But what is the second biggest match on the card? Sting vs Magnus? That match and that rivalry was only created a few weeks ago. Ditto for Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode. The other top talent is all thrown into some strange mish-mosh of an Ultimate X match. TNA failed to build up a second long-term feud to conclude at Bound for Glory, which was probably their biggest mistake.

The X Division Championship will be on the line in an Ultimate X match with a lot of star-power. The current champion, Manik, is sure to be overshadowed by his challengers, Chris Sabin, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries. If they give the match enough time, it could easily be the match of the night. Sabin, Joe and Aries are always good no matter what they are doing, and Hardy is a spot-specialist which is perfect for Ultimate X. I have not seen much of Manik, but as TJ Perkins/PUMA, he has shown that he can be as good as any of the other guys in the match.

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