TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Stands Tall, Big Star Returns, Hardy Vs. Aries

We come back and Roode is pissed off backstage. He says that Angle made the biggest mistake of his life and that he accepts Angle's challenge.

Velvet comes out holding her ribs and they show Tapa laying her out last week. Sabin is with her, and Brooke comes out alone.

#1 Contenders Match For The Knockout's Title: Velver Sky vs Brooke Tessmacher

The bell rings and Sky knocks Brooke down. They lock up and Brooke gets Sky into the corner. Velvet takes her over and whips her into the turnbuckle and misses a splash. Brooke begins to unwrap Sky's ribs and works her over on the ropes. She kicks Velvet in the abs and tosses her out of the ring. Brooke brings her back in and shakes her beautiful ass on the apron. Velvet takes advantage of the taunting and hits some clothesline and then a kick to the face.

Sky hits a running bulldog which is good for a two count. They both get up and Velvet hits a neckbreaker. Sky clutches her ribs and she rolls over to talk to Sabin. While Velvet is talking to Sabin, Brooke gets up and rolls Sky up for the three count with a schoolboy.

Winner and Number One Contender for the KO's title: Brooke Tessmacher

They hype Sting and Magnus coming out next for their match against Kaz and Daniels.

We get a video from earlier of Ethan entering the arena. We see some weird promo package with fire and explosions and they announce Ethan as "Ethan Carter the Third."

They run down the card for BFG.

The tag team match is starting and Bad Influence are out first. Out next is Sting and Magnus and they come out under Sting's music.

Sting and Magnus vs Bad Influence; if Sting or Magnus lose their match at Bound For Glory is canceled

Magnus and Daniels start off and Daniels gets the advantage. Magnus fights out and hits a scoop slam into a suplex. He tags in Sting (who is wearing a T-Shirt) and Sting works on Daniels. Daniels hits some punches and tags in Kaz. Sing hits a few clotheslines and tags in Magnus. Sting and Magnus run into each other and Bad Influence takes advantage. Sting is beatdown by Daniels on the outside while Kaz works on Magnus in the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back and Kaz and Daniels are working on Magnus. Kaz hits a dropkick and pushes Magnus into the corner and tags in Daniels. Daniels hits a top rope stomp onto Magnus and taunts Sting. Daniels locks in a chinlock on Magnus. Magnus gets up and hits the ropes, but Daniels cuts him off with a shoulder to the gut.

Daniels tags in Kaz and Kaz hits a neckbreaker for a two count. He tags in Daniels and Daniels locks in another chinlock. Magnus fights out and they trade fists in the ring. Daniels hits a jawbreaker but Magnus gets up and hits a nice clothesline. Magnus gets up and makes the hot tag to Sting.

Sting comes in and takes down Kaz. Sting hits a dropkick and then a facebuster. He goes for a pin but Daniels breaks it up. Daniels is tossed out by Magnus, who gets the tag and hits an elbow off the top. Magnus locks in a cloverleaf but it is broken up by Daniels. Sting makes a blind tag and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop for the three count.

Winner: Sting and Magnus

After the match Magnus stares down Sting for tagging himself in and getting the victory. Sting celebrates in the ring but Magnus heads to the back.

Dixie runs into AJ in the back and Dixie wants to talk to AJ, saying that he does not have to do this. She hands him a check and says that he can buy anything with that check. She insults AJ and where he lives, saying how much money that is for someone in Gainesville. AJ says you can buy a lot of stuff with that money, but you can't buy him and he rips the check apart. We then go to commercials.

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