TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Stands Tall, Big Star Returns, Hardy Vs. Aries

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Stands Tall, Big Star Returns, Hardy Vs. Aries

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We start with a recap of last weeks episode. They show Hogan quitting TNA and AJ getting the better of Bully. TNA is in Tulsa, Oklahoma tonight.

Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring and gets a microphone. She says that last week we all saw how selfish and egotistical he was. She says that his name (Hulk Hogan) will never be mentioned in her company again. She says that she was the one who offered Hogan a job out of the goodness of her heart and she does not need anyone. Not Bischoff, not Hogan, not Stephanie Levesque. She says that she does not need AJ, and that she asked him to leave nicely last week, but he snuck in and jumped in a match that he had no reason to be in. She asks what AJ is thinking? She says that he is not needed here and that this time she is welcoming him in.

She says that her hardworking world champ needs a break and that Bully is going to gave carte blanche to pick the stipulation for their world title match. Sting comes out and Dixie says that she is wide awake now and that now the guys in the back need to wake up and realize that they are all under review, including Sting. She says Sting picked Hogan to be GM, and we all know how that worked out. She says that this past week he inserted himself into her postion, making a match for himself with Magnus. She asks if Sting wants to be like AJ and to not have a contract. She says that he walked TNA to the edge of a cliff last week, and Sting will wrestle AJ tonight. Also, before his match Sing will team with Magnus against Kaz and Daniels.

Dixie says that Sting built the expectations for BFG already and now they have to keep the ball rolling. She says that if Magnus or Sting lose tonight, they will both not be at BFG. She says that Sting's future is in the palm of her hand. She calls him Steve and wishes him good luck.

Tenay and Taz put over how hardcore Dixie is being and how Sting and Magnus have to prove themselves tonight. Tenay announces that EGO has started their HOF, and that Aries vs Jeff Hardy is coming up next. They show Aries in the back and he says he is sick of seeing Hardy trying to steal his spot. Aries says that Hardy needs ladders and high spots to get over, and Aries is a wrestler and does not need that crap. He says that he will win Ultimate X, and eventually the world title.

AJ is shown backstage and is asked about Bully's revenge. AJ says he is not concerned and that he does not back down from a fight. He says he is going to make Dixie pay, and that after BFG he is going to have both power and leverage.

Aries is out first and Tenay puts over how Aries is mad that Hardy one-upped him last week. Hardy is out next and we are ready to go.

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

They lock up and Hardy works the arm of Aries. Aries gets back up while Hardy does some bad dancing. They lock up again and Aries impressively takes down Hardy. Both men get up and Aries taunts Hardy in the corner. They lock up a third time and Hardy muscles Aries into the corner. Aries gets the elbow up and goes for a axe handle, but is caught by Hardy into an inverted atomic drop. Aries gets up and takes Hardy back down and wears him down with some strikes.

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