This episode of Impact Wrestling was the second installment from Little Rock, AR. Last week, Dixie Carter gave Hulk Hogan a decision to "ride the Dixie train," or not. In addition, the Bound for Glory series TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between AJ Styles and Bully Ray further developed, as well as the X Division picture.

Manik/Jeff Hardy vs. Kenny King/Chris Sabin was a good tag match, and a great way to open the show. TNA is doing a good job concentrating on the division again, and an Ultimate X match will be a good addition to the Bound for Glory PPV. The only question I have from this segment is: Why did they leave out Kenny King from the match at BFG? Unless they have something better for him between now and October 20, King unfortunately drew the short straw.

The gauntlet match of Magnus vs. E.G.O. was a good way to further build Magnus, without totally sabotaging Daniels, Kazarian and Roode. It appears as if TNA still has high hopes for Magnus, but felt as if AJ Styles was the better option to lead the pack for now. The part where Magnus was distraught and sapping for someone to give him his break was a bit much, but his match against Sting may be the catalyst to ascend him to the main event scene.

Brooke vs. Velvet Sky, leading to the debut/return of Lei'D Tapa fell flat. Booking it as a No. 1 contenders match was good, since ODB needs an opponent for Bound for Glory, but Tapa's attack should have waited until the end of the match. Tapa has a ton of potential, and can be the modern-day Awesome Kong, but she has some work to do, and needs to improve her charisma. Pulling her hair and screaming didn't go over too well.

Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe was a decent match, and the outcome was a good call. Joe getting the DQ win helps his current status, and it did not do anything to hurt Bully. It will be interesting to see whether Joe gets placed back in to the title picture anytime soon, but his affiliation with the Main Event Mafia may be an inside track for that to happen.

The final segment between Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter leaves many questions. Hogan "quits," chooses not to be affiliated with her new attitude, and leaves. It appears as if this is a legitimate leave, which poses the question: Will we see Hogan back in the WWE?

So let's open up the floor for booking Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania XXX. How would you include him in the show, and why? Sound off below.

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