TNA Impact Results: Hulk Hogan Quits, Dixie Begs, New BFG Matches, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Magnus goes up top and pushes Roode off. Magnus flies off for an elbow but Roode moves and puts on a crossface. Magnus drags himself to the ropes but Roode pulls him back to the center and puts on an ankle lock. Magnus taps.

Winner by submission: Bobby Roode

Roode leaves the ring as Magnus struggles to get up. Magnus limps to ringside as fans chant for him. He throws a chair in anger. Sting comes out in his suit. Sting wants to have a word in the back but Magnus doesn't want to. Magnus tells Sting that he has had enough. He pulls himself into the ring and tells Sting they see something in him but he doesn't have it in him. Sting tries to give him a pep talk but Magnus cuts him off and says he can't get it done. Sting says Ric Flair gave him a chance and he grabbed the brass ring. Magnus says he grew up watching Flair and Sting and wonders who will put him on the map. Sting says, "Me, at Bound for Glory." They shake hands.

- Austin Aries enters Hogan's room in the back and gives him vegan vitamins. Hogan asks what he wants. Aries says they always haven't seen eye to eye and he appreciates the opportunity last year for Option C. Aries says he knows two Hulk Hogans: Red & Yellow and Black & White. He says he sees no grey area here with Dixie, it is black and white. Hogan says he gets it.

- We go to a video of Hulk's history in TNA.

- Sabin is asked in the back why he isn't going out for Velvet's match. Sabin is condescending and says Velvet is tough and will be fine. He says he has Manik and Aries and Hardy to worry about. He is going to finish his diet soda, sit Indian style in a dark corner and meditate.

- Velvet vs. Brooke is next for a shot at the Knockouts Title at Bound for Glory.

- Kaz and Daniels serenade Roode in their locker room and sing, "He's off the chain. He's in the hall of fame." They say Magnus is crying crocodile tears. They tell Roode he is getting inducted into the Extraordinary Gentlemen's Hall of Fame. Roode is excited. They hug it out.

Knockouts #1 Contenders Match: Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky

Brooke is out first followed by Velvet. Lei'D Tapa's music hits before the bell rings. Brooke ducks out of the ring. Velvet charges Tapa in the ring and Tapa takes her head off with a clothesline and then a big boot to the face. Tapa tosses the ref aside and hits a Samoan Drop on Velvet. Tapa screams that this is her ring.

No Contest

- Back from a break as an unnamed guy gets out of his Maserati and enters what appears to be TNA Headquarters. The camera follows behind and we only see the back of his head. He tells an attractive girl that she is adequate and tosses his jacket on some poor guy's head. He says, "There better be lions" as he enters an office. We see a graphic for "Ethan is Coming."

- We go to a video package for Gunner & Storm with comments from both as they praise each other.

- Tenay and Taz run down the Bound for Glory card.

- A highlight package for Kurt Angle and the TNA Hall of Fame is shown.

Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray

Joe is out first followed by Bully Ray with Brooke. Joe takes control with an armbar. Bully reverses and applies a standing headlock. They collide in the center of the ring and neither budges. Joe hits the ropes again and Bully hits him with a reverse elbow and berates him. Bully with a go-behind, Joe unloads with strikes and back Bully into the corner. Joe sends Bully to the opposite corner and charges in for an Enzuigiri.

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