WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Paul Heyman Proposes, The Rhodes Family Returns, More

Winners: The Shield

- We see Big Show getting ready to fight while waiting on Triple H in his office. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Big Show is in Triple H's office. Police officers walk in with a detective. Show has to come with them. Stephanie McMahon walks in and says Show has just been under a lot of pressure. She says they have everything under control and vouches for him. Stephanie says she talked to Show's wife earlier today and she said he doesn't measure up to her expectations at home either. Everyone leaves and Show sits down to cry. Show gets up and sees Triple H's DVD cover poster on the wall. He punches it, putting a hole in the wall, and walks off.

- Renee Young is backstage with Rob Van Dam, also wearing a new pink t-shirt. She asks him about the Battleground match. RVD says he excels when it's hardcore rules and shows us footage of some of his matches over the years. RVD says Del Rio shows no mercy in the ring but he has no clue what hardcore rules means.

- Hornswoggle, Santino Marella and The Great Khali are walking backstage as we go to commercial.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella

Back from the break and Zeb Colter is cutting a heel promo in the ring. Typical back and forth tag match. Cesaro hits a massive giant swing on Santino. Santino ends up getting the win with a quick pin on Cesaro.

Winner: Santino Marella

- After the match, everyone is shocked as Santino celebrates with Hornswoggle and Khali.

- Up next, Bryan and Orton come face to face. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He talks about Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella getting engaged. Lawler brings out Bryan first followed by Randy Orton.

Lawler says this is meant to be a verbal confrontation only. Lawler talks about Bryan being stripped of the title. Orton was upset at first that he wasn't given the title back but says it's motivated him to return to being the Viper. Orton says he will beat Bryan on Sunday because he's genetically superior to a small, pathetic, weak, B+ goat-faced troll like Bryan. Bryan says Orton talks a good game but mocks him. Bryan says Orton needed Triple H's motivation to reach his full potential. Bryan says he has never needed motivation from anyone. Bryan says he will beat Orton for the WWE Title on Sunday. Fans chant "yes!" and Orton tells them to shut up. Orton brings up the engagement. He asks what's so wrong with Brie that she settles for Bryan. Orton says Bella will wake up one day and realizing she's with a barnyard animal and not someone like him. Bryan attacks Orton and takes the fight to ringside. Bryan unloads but Orton turns it around and beats Bryan up. Orton goes for a draping DDT from the apron to the floor but Brie runs down. Orton looks at her and then drops Bryan face first on the floor. Brie rushes over to check on Bryan. Orton walks away but comes back and scares her into the barrier. Orton starts taking apart the announcers table. Brie yells at Orton to stop. Orton drops Bryan through the announcers table with a RKO as Brie looks on. Referees check on Bryan as Orton walks away. Brie rushes back to Bryan now. RAW goes off the air with Orton looking on.

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