UFC 165 Results: Did Jon Jones Retain?, Two Title Fights

Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Pat Healy via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Up next is a very interesting middleweight contest between two contenders who are both riding five-fight win streaks.

Costa Philippou vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1: Costa is feeling Carmont out a bit, looking to find a way inside the long reach of the Montreal native. Carmont with a vicious leg kick, followed by a slick takedown. Costa is pushing on Carmont's hips and looking to work his way back to his feet. Costa butt-scoots his way to the cage and is looking to use the fence to wall-walk his way back up. Carmont is doing a good job controlling Costa's hips to keep him grounded. Carmont is controlling the wrist and switches to Costa's back. Carmont does not have his hooks in on the back of Costa, but is looking to secure a rear-naked choke anyway. Carmont lets that go in favor of some punches from behind. Georges St-Pierre can be heard clearly in Carmont's corner shouting instructions. Carmont flattens Costa out a bit and is now on top of him, inside Costa's half-guard. Big punch from Carmont on top. Costa manages to regain full-guard. Costa is stacking up and is looking for a possible armbar attempt. Carmont steps over and is now in full side-control. Carmont's strong punches from the top are starting to show on Costa's face now, as announcer Joe Rogan points out. Costa regains half-guard. Carmont is peppeing Costa with punches from the top. Costa is looking for an oma plata now, but Carmont escapes and lands some strong strikes from the top to make Costa pay. Carmont is now in side control again. 30 seconds left in the opening round as Carmont has been in complete control the entire time. Costa works some upkicks as Carmont stands up briefly. Costa is trying for one final armbar attempt as the round closes. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Francis Carmont.

Round 2: Referee "Big" John McCarthy starts the second round and Carmont comes out with a big leg kick. Costa is up on his toes now and is likely going to utilize his footwork to the best of his ability to avoid going back to the ground. No dice, however, as Carmont immediately takes Costa back to the ground. Carmont is working some ground and pound from inside the full guard of Costa. Carmont applies a can-opener to attempt to open the guard of Costa and advance his position on top. Costa scoots his way to the cage for a wall-walk attempt, but Carmont is staying heavy on top and controlling the hips of Costa to keep him on the ground. We get a nice clear shot on-camera now of GSP in Carmont's corner shouting instructions in French to his fighter. Costa is close to getting back to his feet, but Carmont sucks the hips of Costa close to him and yanks him right back to the mat. Carmont is again dominating the action from the top, as the action is looking very similar to the previous round. The fans in the Air Canada Centre are growing restless now, and they are letting the fighters know it. "Big" John takes note and calls for a stand up. Both guys are back on their feet now and Costa is winging overhand rights at Carmont, none of which are finding the mark. Carmont is pawing with his jab now, but uses that to distract Costa as he takes him down yet again. Carmont is now 3-for-3 with his takedowns in this fight. Carmont grabs onto Costa's arm, looking for a kimura attempt. He lets that go in favor of some elbows. The crowd is starting to boo again as the action slows down just a bit. Carmont is working some short elbows from inside the half-guard of Costa. The crowd is boo'ing very loud now. Carmont stands up and is throwing big punches down to a grounded Costa. 30 seconds left in the second round. Carmont continues to control and ground-and-pound Costa as the buzzer sounds to end the second frame. Another big round for Francis Carmont. Costa needs something huge in the upcoming third and final round if he wants any chance at winning this fight. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Francis Carmont.

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