UFC 165 Results: Did Jon Jones Retain?, Two Title Fights

Round 2: Healy again starts the second round as the aggressor. Khabib manages to avoid most of Healy's sloppy onslaught and takes him down. Healy quickly works his way back to his feet and the two separate. Khabib is utilizing good footwork to avoid most of Healy's striking attempts. The pace is slowing down here mid-way into the second frame. Khabib lands a decent uppercut. Healy catches Khabib with a good shot. Healy lands another good punch. Khabib with a flying knee attempt but doesn't come close. Khabib appears to be slowing down quite a bit here in the second round. Healy and Khabib end up on the ground during a clinch-scramble, but they quickly pop back up to their feet. Khabib has Healy against the cage and is looking to sweep his legs out from under him. No dice. The two separate and Healy is landing jabs at will now. Khabib with a decent leg kick. Khabib looking to take this fight to the ground, but Healy is defending well. The referee is calling for action now as the two are clinched against the cage. The two separate and Khabib lands a decent uppercut. Khabib immediately pushes Healy back into the fence again. Healy circles out and lands a good counter-right hand. Khabib with a very good double-leg dive now and we're back on the ground. Khabib is working from inside Healy's full guard. Khabib is working some ground and pound now, mixing his shots up to the body and head of Healy. Healy throws his legs up, looking for a triangle, but the buzzer sounds to end the round. Tough round to score. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Round 3: The third round begins and Healy lands a solid right hand. Khabib looking for a takedown but doesn't get it. Khabib pushes Healy into the fence but Healy lands a knee to the body and circles out. Healy right a decent lead-right hand. Healy stuffs a Khabib takedown attempt. Khabib follows that up with another takedown attempt, and this time he gets it. WrestlingINC.com gave the last round, which was close, but Khabib likely stole it with the late takedown. This time Khabib has Healy down and is controlling him well from the top with plenty of time left in the round. Healy looking to sweep his way out, but Khabib blocks it and manages to land a couple of good punches to the face of Healy. Healy is using the cage to try and get up as his corner screams for him to get back to his feet. He finally does. Khabib picks Healy up and walks him across the cage before slamming him down hard. The crowd exploded for that spot. Khabib is working again from inside Healy's full guard. Healy's corner is again screaming for him to get up. Khabib isn't very busy from the top, but is managing to stay busy enough to avoid a restart from the ref. Khabib is turning on the ground and pound now. Khabib is smashing Healy from the top at this point as the crowd starts to get more into the action. Healy is opening his guard now, moving his hips and looking for any openings he can find. Khabib is continuing to control him and is working some more ground and pound. Khabib advances to side control. Healy is starting to look tired. Healy gives Khabib his back. They scramble a bit and Khabib is back on top. Healy regains full guard from the bottom with 20 seconds left in the round. Khabib is simply holding Healy down now and riding out the clock. Khabib stands up for a big shot but misses it. Healy scrambles, trying to get to his feet, but Khabib controls him and the buzzer sounds. Khabib should win an easy unanimous decision. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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