Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

Winners by pin: EGO

- Back from a break. AJ Styles come to the ring for a promo. He says he has been here from day one to put this company on the map. "But poof, it happened. Dixie Carter's daddy bought her a rasslin' company." He says she has no experience and broke up the chemistry of TNA. "What happened to Jerry Lynn, Low-Ki." He says Dixie replaced them with "MMA stars and guys who needed a 2 year paid vacation... to do absolutely nothing and go back where they belong." AJ says despite what the internet says, he doesn't have a contract with TNA and nobody in the back respects Dixie anyway. He says her biggest mistake was leaving one of the "Band of Brothers" standing. He says he will make Dixie get on her knees and beg and then make her pay.

Dixie comes to the ring and pauses before she speaks. She says she knows that AJ means these things and she is sorry. She says as the president of the company, she is accountable. To the investors... to the fans. She begins to cry but starts to yell and says she is sorry that she ever made AJ believe that he was anything important. She takes credit for his career and says she can't remember the last time AJ had a good match. She says he is just above average and she is the one who created the illusion of the Phenomenal One. She says he would be lucky if they called him the Marginal One. She says without her daddy's paycheck he would still be in a trailer and she built this house.

She goes to leave and AJ starts to speak again and tells her to put the mic where it belongs. She grabs headsets off the camera guy and demands AJ's mic be cut off. The lights go out to a sea of boos as we go off the air.

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