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- Tonight's WWE RAW kicks off with a look back at Night of Champions where Ryback helped Paul Heyman defeat CM Punk. We also see footage of Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Title from Randy Orton.

- We're live from The Q Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Justin Roberts brings out new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan to a big pop.

Bryan comes out and the fans start chanting his name. There are a lot of things that he'd like to say now but "YES!" says it best. Fans start chanting "yes" with Bryan. The music interrupts and out comes Triple H. Triple H marches to the ring and doesn't look happy.

Triple H says before Bryan goes too far in congratulating himself, he wants to address the fast count from last night. It's what social media is talking about, it's what the talents are talking about. Triple H says Bryan's victory is tainted and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Triple H calls out referee Scott Armstrong. Triple H shows footage of Armstrong's normal count, when Orton pinned Bryan last night for a 2 count. Triple H then shows us footage of the fast count. Triple H wants everyone to see it clearly and shows us both counts side-by-side. There's no doubt, it was a fast count. Armstrong says, "it was a fast count, I don't know." Armstrong says he made a mistake. Triple H says Armstrong is a senior official and that kind of fast count doesn't just happen. Armstrong says he just made a mistake. Triple H isn't buying it. Triple H tells Armstrong to get it out, what's going on. Armstrong looks at Bryan. Triple H tells Armstrong to go to the back, he will deal with him later. Triple H says he's ashamed of Bryan. He's embarrassed himself and WWE by entering into a conspiracy with a WWE official. Bryan denies everything Triple H is saying. Triple H says he won't be returning the WWE Title to Orton but as of this moment, Bryan is no longer WWE Champion. Triple H says he will investigate this further and possibly there may be a rematch but as of now, there is no WWE Champion. Triple H tells Bryan to do the right thing and hand over the belt. Triple H says Bryan has disgraced everyone. He thought Shawn Michaels would have taught Bryan better than this. Triple H tells him to hand over the belt or he will take it. Orton's music hits and out he comes.

Triple H tells Orton to calm down, there won't be any fight here. Triple H threatens to take the belt from Bryan again. Fans chant "no" as Bryan clutches the title. Bryan yells "no!" at Triple H and turns. Triple H snatches the belt from Bryan and Orton lays Bryan out with a RKO. Triple H leaves the ring with the WWE Title while Orton stands over Bryan. A "Randy sucks" chant breaks out. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and Triple H is backstage talking to Stephanie McMahon. Orton runs up and yells at Triple H for what just happened. Stephanie gets in Orton's face and goes crazy. She says he deserved to lose last night. She asks what happened to the Orton of old, the one who handcuffed Triple H and DDT'd her. She tells him to find that Orton and storms off.

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