Chris Jericho Talks Daniel Bryan Angle Being Based On Reality, What TNA Is Doing Wrong, Much More

The WWE Performance Center and if it is good or bad: "I couldn't believe how awesome it was. I trained in a bowling alley where if you jumped too high you can put your head through it. Everything here is in HD and electronic and they had promo areas, weight lifting areas, condition areas, seventeen rings, training the cameraman, the producers, they are training everyone. It's just not the guys in the ring but it's the announcers, cable runners, cameraman, producers, it's a huge training ecosystem where you can go in and learn everything. I spoke to the students afterwards and I told them to cherish this, don't think it's always like this and don't think that it's like this anywhere else, this is special. It's the smartest thing that they ever done and it was a great idea by Hunter but he said we do not want any more independent guys anymore because they get too many bad habits and that will probably change if there are certain guys out there because most of good guys came from other places.

"Things have changed; it's not even the same wrestling from five years ago. It's going to continually change and you are going to get more of the old guard guys that are going to be retired or moved to other positions and you can see it. Jane Geddes, head of talent relations, she came from golfing. That was a job that was held by a former wrestler who knew the ins and outs. They are going full on corporate and that's the way WWE is going to be. It's going to morph into that, like it or not, it's the way it is. We will see how the performance center does, who turns out to be there new stars. Most of the guys that became stars were from other places. What do you do if you can't make it to the WWE performance center? It took me nine years to get into the WWE, don't give me a sob story, go out there and find a way, that's what I did. I can't say that the performance center is a bad idea because it took me nine years to get a look from those guys, cover of magazines, five star matches, match of the year, they couldn't give a s--t. It took nine years. That's what you have to deal with, it's not easy. Guys that get into the WWE after six months are like Ashton Kutcher booking That 70's Show after his first audition. It doesn't happen too often and you should feel lucky when you get it but don't blow it."

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