Impact Wrestling Results: New Champion Crowned, Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Sabin

Sabin comes out with the title and Ray says that he is out here to do the right thing, and that Sabin is highly intimidated by him. Sabin says that the real reason he is out here is to see how big of a crybaby he has become. Sabin says that two years he sat at home and he didn't cry like Bully, all he did was work hard to get back in the ring and now he is the world champ. He says that Bully is out of his mind to think that Sabin would hand over the title and the only way he is going to get it is to pry it out of his dead hands.

Bully says that he is going to get it by suing him, and that Hogan has been meeting with his lawyers to decide what to do. He calls Hogan out and he comes out with a piece of paper. Hogan says that he has been going back and forth with his lawyers trying to figure out what to do. Hogan says that he has a counter with Bully, and rips up the leagal document. Bully says he can't do that, but Hogan says that since he is the GM, he can (how?) and that as long as he is in charge Sabin is still the champion.

Hogan says that Bully does have a rematch clause, and this time there will be no interference. He will get it at the Hardcore Justice event August 14th in a steel cage match. Hogan's music plays and Bully shouts in the ring and yells at Sabin as Impact goes off the air.

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