Impact Wrestling Results: New Champion Crowned, Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Sabin

Daniels takes Joe down and locks in a submission move. The crowd is way into Joe and he fights out of the hold and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Daniels. He hits a series of clothesline and hits an inverted atomic drop, a boot and then a senton for the two count. Joe hits a powerslam for two. Daniels tries to smack Joe, but Joe palm thrusts him in the face. Joe goes for a splash in the corner and misses, Daniels charges in but gets caught with an Uranage. He sets Joe up for the Musclebuster, but Anderson comes down and distracts Joe. Daniels clips Joe and hits the Best Moonsault Ever. Joe kicks out at two, but Daniels hits the BME a second time and gets the win.

Winner of 7 points: Daniels

Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles is up next.

Sting is shown backstage talking to Angle. Sting says we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. Angle expresses concern about the lawsuit. Angle is concerned that they haven't wiped out Aces and 8's yet. Stings says that they have a lot going for them and to take it easy.

Bound For Glory Series match: AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

AJ is out first to a mixed reaction. Tenay and JB put over the fact that AJ does not care about what anyone thinks about him. Hardy is out next to a good pop from the crowd.

They stare at each other and lock up. AJ uses his speed to get around Hardy, but Hardy hits an elbow. He works on AJ in the corner and hits a leg-feed kick to the chest. Hardy hits another kick to the chest and we go to commercial.

We are back with Hardy on the outside. AJ hits a beautiful baseball slide and picks Hardy up and puts him back in the ring. AJ takes Hardy down and works him with a rear chin lock. Hardy fights out of it, but gets tossed out again by AJ. Hardy tries to get back in the ring but gets hit with a spinebuster by AJ. AJ applies another chinlock and crowd chants for Hardy. Hardy fights back up but and hits the powerbomb facebuster.

Hardy hits a few clothesline and then an inverted atomic drop and then the split-legged leg drop to the groin. AJ gets back up and hits a dropkick. AJ charges in and misses a forearm smash and gets hit with a frontslam by Hardy. Hardy hits a splash from the top but only gets 2. Hardy tries to whip AJ into the opposite corner but gets suplexed into the corner. AJ eats an elbow and then Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Hardy plays to the crowd and goes for the twist of fate but AJ counters with the Pele. AJ rolls through a grapple by Hardy and into the Calf Slicer. Hardy tries to get to the ropes but can't and has to tap out.

Winner of 10 points: AJ Styles

After the match the crowd chants "You tapped out" to Hardy. Hardy goes to shake AJ's hand, but AJ brushes him off and walks to the back.

The cameras catch Hogan again and ask if he has a decision. Hogan says he doesn't want to do it, but it has to be done.

We come back from commercials and Bully Ray comes out. Bully says that he has been wronged and that he is highly offended that everyone can just sit back and praise Sabin for what he did to him. He complains that he hit Sabin with a hammer, but the crowd chants for Sabin. Ray asks what kind of man would sink to the level of hitting people in the head with a hammer. He says that Sabin has no choice and that he will sue everyone in the company to right this injustice. He asks Sabin to do the right thing and hand him the World Title.

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