- NBC Chicago News 5 has an article about WWE 2K14 and The Ultimate Warrior's involvement in the game. The story includes quotes from 2K Sports Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams and GamesRadar.com writer Jason Fanelli, who admitted to being impressed with the game so far.

"At first, it felt very similar to last year's game, but after a while, you begin to see the intricacies, from the animations to the improvements in the reversal system," Fanelli said. "It just makes for a better experience overall. Those little things end up making it feel so much closer to what you see on television."

- You can pre-order WWE 2K14 for PS3 and XBox at WWEShop.com by clicking here.

- 2KSports recently revealed some improvements for WWE 2K14 at a press event in New York. Here are the improvements that they revealed, via 2K.com:


* The entire navigation system has been overhauled and reanimated including all walking, running, and dragging motions to give the game a more fluid and life-like feel and look.

* Overall Superstar movement has been accelerated, meaning the action is faster-paced and more like what you see on WWE television.

* There is now a "starting up" animation for when Superstars begin running. This leads to a more natural-looking match, where it is more difficult to "spam" running attacks.

* Animation gestures have been added such as adjusting wrist bands, motioning for your opponent to get up, and many more to give a human-like appearance to the navigation system.


* Strike and strike combos are now quicker and snappier, making them faster and harder to reverse.

* Successfully landing a strike combo now puts your opponent in a groggy state, making groggy grapples appear earlier and more frequently.


* Reversing a grapple move now causes the reverser to do a move of his/her own automatically.

* This cuts down on the endless back-and-forth "reversal fest" some users complained of in WWE '13 while also making the match move faster.


* Catching Finishers can now be executed offensively, by Irish Whipping your opponent to the ropes with a finisher stored or catapulting your opponent up when they run towards you.

* Select finisher moves give you the ability to launch an opponent into the air and then hit them with a Catch Finisher on the way back down.


* New multi-man OMG Moments added to help you gain the upper-hand in multi-man matches. One OMG move can take out two opponents in one shot making it easier to get the win against multiple opponents.

* Double Attitude Adjustment

* Double Shellshock

* Double Chokeslam

* New OMG Moments added to allow you to dole out even more damage using the ring environment.

* Boot-to-head on outside ringpost

* DDT on the apron


* One of the most reviled bugs in WWE '13 was the dearth of two-counts. This issue has been addressed, bringing back the dramatic near falls you know and love.

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