- We get a video for the National Guard. Lilian Garcia points out and thanks some of the Pennsylvania National Guard members in the audience.

- We get a video for Mark Henry vs. John Cena.

WWE Title Match: Mark Henry vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out comes Mark Henry. Henry is ready to fight as he hits the ring. The boos begin as WWE Champion John Cena makes his way out.

Justin Roberts does formal ring introductions and Henry gets a very mixed reaction. Cena gets more boos. Cena charges and Henry drops him with a knee. Henry with a big shot to the face now. Henry works Cena over and into the corner. Henry takes his time beating Cena around the ring. Another big headbutt from Henry. Cena rolls out to the floor but Henry follows. Henry suplexes Cena and drops him over top of the steel steps. Henry rolls Cena back in the ring and covers for 2.

Henry keeps control and nails Cena across the back of the neck. Henry with another 2 count and some frustration. Cena finally gets some offense in and hits a dropkick. Cena runs into Henry and goes down. Fans pop for that. Henry spins around and slings Cena into the corner. They go back to the floor and Henry slings Cena head first into the fan barrier. Henry brings it back in the ring but wastes some time. Henry charges in the corner but Cena moves. Cena tries to slam Henry but it's too much and Henry falls on top of Cena for a 2 count.

Cena finally fires back with right hands. Cena with a pair of shoulder tackles to take Henry off his feet. Cena with a side suplex. Cena nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but can't get Henry up. Henry with another 2 count. Henry scoops Cena for a slam but Cena grabs the top rope. Henry pulls him away. Cena counters a slam with a DDT. Cena goes for another AA and gets Henry up this time. Cena nails it but Henry kicks out at 2.

Cena goes to the top but Henry catches him in mid-air. Henry nails a World's Strongest Slam for a close 2 count. More back and forth. Cena applies the STF but Henry makes it to the ropes. Henry hits a low blow that the referee doesn't see and covers for a close 2 count. Cena blocks a World's Strongest Slam and locks in the STF. Henry crawls for the ropes but Cena pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Henry taps out.

Winner: John Cena

- After the match, Cena grabs the WWE title belt ready to fight Henry off. Henry rolls out of the ring and asks the referee to assist him to the back. We go to replays. Cena celebrates with the WWE Title and heads to the back.

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