Mark Henry Talks About MITB And His WWE Future, Responds To A Wrestling Legend, More

On what was the thought process behind the retirement speech promo:

Well five years ago when I signed my contract, my last contract. I took a 50 percent pay cut. And a lot of people don't know that because I never said nothing about it. And I wanted this these last five years—the reason that I've had this steadily incline is because I wanted to validate myself financially as well as career wise. And I've been able to make a good living over the last five years. But I ain't made nothing compared to John Cena. The Randy Ortons, the Brock Lesnars and The Rocks of this world. I ain't making that kind of money. And Money in the Bank it's just funny that it all happens to be about the money. But a lot of it is about the money. And it's about the respect that comes with the money. Donald Trump. Great business man. Unbelievable business man. Is he known for being a business man? No. He's known for the money. And I'm trying to get mine, man. I'm trying to get mine. And John Cena is the stepping stool, the foot hole or whatever you want to call him, to me getting my paper.

On why it took so long for him to be in the main event picture:

I think a lot of it was focus, a lot of it was desperation. A lot of it was umm—that epiphany. That day you wake up and go damn! Is this what it is? Like sometimes the trigger don't happen until something stimulates. And when I sat there in that chair in WWE headquarters, and they say hey we wanna resign you but we can't sign you for this money. This is what we offer. And it was nothing.

On if the Money in the Bank briefcase getting cashed in on Sunday is in the back of his mind:

Man I ain't thinking about them cats. I ain't thinking about what happens second. I'm about being first. And they can try to cash it in if they want to. I ain't ready for it. You know somebody can catch a hot one. I'm going to hold it until I want to give it up. That's basically—or unless they call the police and they say hey, you either gonna do what we want you to do or we gonna get rid of you. I'm going out in dramatic fashion.

On if winning his first WWE title from the man who has held the WWE title the most is apropos:

Man it's—you know when you sit around and think about it, you're gonna psyche yourself out. You're gonna say aww man what ifs and this could happen or that could happen. I don't care about his prestige. I told you before I'm very selfish. I've become very selfish in my old age. It don't have nothing to do with John Cena. It don't matter if it was John Cena. It don't matter if it was The Undertaker. It don't matter if it was Hulk Hogan and Andre in their prime. I want it for me. And these cats were standing in the way of me being them. You hear what I'm saying? We talk about them with reverence. Nobody talks about me with reverence. It might be one or two Mark Henry fans and I think y'all are two of them.

On being the fan favorite Sunday in Philadelphia highly possible:

It's not gonna bother me that people are gonna cheer for me. I'm going out there to do me. My attention and my focus is going to be on John Cena. You watch. You look in my eyes and you'll see what is going to happen. You sit there, you watch. You watch what I do.

Response to Ken Patera:

You know I'm a vengeful, vindictive SOB. And I came on this show a few months ago with the intent on saying how—and this is totally off the subject. But I came on this show with the intent on giving props to a great strong man. And you know what I'm talking about. And for those who don't know, Ken Patera was on the show. And I called in because I was a fan, he was one of the people when I was a kid that you know I would look at in wrestling and thought wow man, I wanna be like that. Nothing changes from that stand point but when I came on the show, Ken Patera started to just run me down. And talk about how much greater he was then I was and so forth and so on and so on. A lot of that I think was bravado and trying to give himself a little shine because you know when people stop talking about you, that's the beginning of the end. And nobody was talking about Ken Patera. He made a comment that I was not close to him in his numbers. And if you go back and look and do the background check, I have almost surpassed him in everything. And I thought it was wrong on his part to take a chance and not look at the numbers and say how I've been good in everything I've done. I've been to two Olympic Games, he went to one. My numbers were better than his. My professional wrestling career was better than his. I will stick pie in your face if you try to shine on me. And this is a guy that's in his 70's, that I'm sticking pie in his face for disrespecting me. So what do you think is going to happen to John Cena? He is gonna get pie in his face.

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