Views From The Turnbuckle: Punk Vs Austin And Why It Shouldn't Happen

A second problem is that Steve Austin will be coming back as a face, a huge face and there is no way the WWE could get any heat on him at all. So that would most likely mean that CM Punk would be the heel. It appears that Punk is starting a big face run, so to turn him back to being a heel would be just another complication for Punk.

The last reason a feud between the two couldn't work would be the promos. Since Austin could only really wrestle one more match, and the fact that this feud will be heavily hyped for months in advance, we are going to see a lot of promos between the two. Austin and Punk's respective promo approaches are so vastly different that I don't think that they would mesh well at all. Austin is very aggressive, in-your-face and shoots straight from the hip during his promos. Punk is much more cerebral and more of an intellectual speaker. The differences would most likely alienate one man from the fans, deterring some of the crowd reaction, which would be what made the match special.

Going by past indicators, it isn't like Austin is chomping at the bit to be a presence in the WWE again. There have been several moments in the past year, throwback Raws, the 1000th episode, the 20th Anniversary show and others that Austin could have easily appeared on, yet he didn't. Austin isn't sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, he is out living life. Austin hosts his own reality show, works his ranch, acts in TV & films and records his weekly podcast. Austin hasn't appeared interested in returning to the WWE, and we should all respect his decision to do so.

Austin was one of the most spectacular performers ever, but his days in the sun of the WWE have come and gone. Austin is no longer a WWE wrestler, so instead of focusing on the possibilities of Punk facing Austin, we should focus on the possibilities of Punk facing someone like Daniel Bryan, or Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania XXX. Obsessing about the past is an unproductive way to build towards the future, and fans (and the WWE) should realize this.

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