WWE SmackDown Results: CM Punk Vs. Del Rio, Randy Orton Vs. Christian, Ziggler, Fandango

Kaitlyn chases AJ up the ramp.

- Christian and Randy Orton give a joint interview to Renee Young in the back about Money in the Bank and their match tonight.

- Cole and JBL send to a Wyatt Family vignette.

- Randy Orton makes his entrance at the top of the 2nd hour. Michael Cole plugs Sean Diddy Combs' new music channel REVOLT. Christian makes his entrance.

Randy Orton vs. Christian

They slowly feel each other out and trade some shoulderblocks and takedowns. Orton explodes out of the corner with a clothesline for 2. Christian counters Orton's ropes-DDT and Orton goes to the floor. Back from a commercial as Orton misses with a flying knee in the ring. Orton hits a Thesz Press. Christian creates some space and comes off the top with a crossbody for 2. Orton fights up from a headlock and sends Christian into the corner and drops him. The crowd chants for the RKO. They trade strikes in the center of the ring. Orton hits a dropkick and starts a flurry but Christian dodges the powerslam but Orton still goes through the motions and powerslams the air.

Orton hits a powerbomb for 2. They have a nice exchange in the corner and Orton gets another 2. Orton connects with the powerslam for another 2 count. Christian goes for the Killswitch, Orton counters and tries the RKO, Christian hits a side slam. Christian waits for Orton to get up and hits the spear but Orton kicks out at 2. Orton avoids the Killswitch and hits the ropes-DDT and coils as the fans go crazy. Christian counters the RKO and slides his neck out. Christian goes up top but there is nobody home. Christian lands on his feet; Randy hits the RKO for the win.

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

- Paul Heyman interrupts Teddy Long in his office and says he heard Teddy was looking for him. Long wants Heyman to join commentary for Punk's match tonight to provide insight on the match. Heyman tries to say 'no' but Long says he is in charge and since Punk wants to be defiant and do what he wants then Long will do the opposite of what Punk wants and let Heyman be out there.

- Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance to the ring as we see footage from the WWE App of Ziggler and AJ where Ziggler tries to get her to focus and stop with the Kaitlyn stuff. Ziggler cuts an in-ring promo on Alberto Del Rio and how the past few weeks have been blurry since his concussion. Ziggler says Del Rio couldn't fool the fans into thinking he was likable. Ouch. Ziggler says he can do in this ring what nobody else can. He says he is taking back what is rightfully his at Money in the Bank.

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance with the rest of 3MB.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre

Ziggler bumps around for Drew and makes him look good. Drew hits a nice snap suplex for 2. McIntyre hits 2 consecutive back breakers for 2. 3MB lurks at ringside. Ziggler creates some space and hits a dropkick to the face of Drew for 2. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag from out of nowhere for the win. That was just starting to get good. Great timing between these 2.

Winner by pin: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler mixes it up with 3MB after the match and he escapes both times and makes them look like bumbling fools.

- The Mark Henry career highlight package is shown.

- Fandango and Summer Rae strut their way in the back toward the ring. Again, the facial expressions here are pure gold, even from Summer.

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