Impact Wrestling Review: Second Verse, Same As The First

Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson was a good way to reveal the newest member of the Main Event Mafia. The match was decent, but the ending was better. Samoa Joe gains 10 points, now as the newest member of MEM, which creates a shift in predicting who is going to win. Samoa Joe has a chance in winning it all on behalf of the MEM, in hopes to dethrone Bully Ray of his TNA World Heavyweight title. Joe vs. Bully would be a good match for Bound for Glory. However, using the BFG series to push a rising star may be the better option.

The unveiling of Suicide leaves us with more questions than answers. Although the idea was creative, and Austin Aries has shown that he can do well as a world champion, he is still in the Bound for Glory series. So since he has the opportunity to cash in the title against Bully Ray in a few weeks, is he suspended from the BFG series? Is he forced to forfeit his spot in the BFG series? If he loses the match at Destination X, does he resume his spot in the BFG series? Having him lose his BFG series qualifying match against Eric Young would have made more sense, but we shall see where this goes.

What were your thoughts of Suicide being unmasked as Austin Aries? Sound off below.

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