- Things kick off with a recap of last week.

- We go to crowd shots as Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show.

- Sting makes his entrance to the ring in his suit. Sting gets in the ring and "tells" Bully Ray that he told him The Main Event Mafia would grow... Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, in his suit. Angle talks about the history of the MEM. He says they were unstoppable but now that distinction belongs to Aces & 8's. He says their goal is to destroy the crew and make sure Bully loses the title. He says a new member of MEM will be revealed tonight.

- Bully, DOC, and Anderson grab Chris Sabin in the back and hold him against the wall. Bully warns him not to cash in his X Division Title tonight, should he win his match.

- Gut Check contestant Adam Ohriner is profiled.

- Suicide makes his entrance followed by Kenny King and Chris Sabin

X Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs. Suicide vs. Kenny King

Kenny pokes Sabin in the eye and begins stomping Suicide. King comes off the top but gets caught by a double dropkick from Sabin and Suicide. King hits a double knee to the back of Sabin's head and gets 2 with Suicide on the floor. Suicide hits a missile dropkick to King and sends him in but King does the Spiderman in the ropes a la Suicide. Suicide comes off the apron onto King on the floor. Sabin hits a crossbody to both men on the floor as we take a break.

Back to action in the ring as all 3 men mix it up. Sabin hits a single dropkick to both men in the corner with King hung upside down and Suicide on his butt. Sabin and King take turns trying to bring Suicide down off the top. King brings them both down for 2 on Sabin. Sabin hits an Enzuigiri to King and drops him in a driver but Suicide breaks the count. Sabin is on the floor. King hits an Enzuigiri to Suicide but is slow on the follow-up. Suicide rolls him up for 2. Suicide rolls King up near the ropes and hold the tights and rope for the win.

Winner by pin And New X Division Champion: Suicide

Hulk Hogan comes out with a hurt, unmasked Suicide: TJ Perkins. Hogan says someone jumped him and stole his suit. The fake Suicide escapes through the crowd. Tenay and Taz are confused as to how this could possibly be while a 5 year old could explain it to them.

- Hogan is mad in the back and he wants to know by the end of the night who the fake Suicide is.

- We go to a Gut Check profile of Ryan Howe. He looks like a rocker from the 80's. I guess that means he looks like a wrestler from the 80's.

- JB introduces Howe in the arena who makes his entrance playing Hendrix' version of the National Anthem. Taz jokes that it is Van Hammer; and I feel old because I get the reference. Adam Ohriner is introduced and he walks out with a purpose.

Gut Check: Ryan Howe vs. Adam Ohriner

Ohriner goes to work with quick and intense power moves. Ohriner gets 2 and mounts Howe for some ground-and-pound. Howe creates some space and gets the advantage. Ohriner takes his head off with a clothesline and gets 2. Howe comes back and quickens the pace. Howe hits a dropkick for 2. Ohriner hits a powerslam for the win.

Winner by pin: Adam Ohriner

- Sting and Angle walk in the back. Sting tells him they are better off this go-around. They enter a room.

- Bully approaches TJ, the real Suicide, in the locker room. He praises him in a back-handed way and asks if Angle and Sting put him up to all this. TJ says no. Bully asks again more forcefully. TJ says he got jumped and it was very real. He stands to confront Bully. Bully grabs him as he goes to leave. He tells him that he can now leave.

- A video package runs of the Mickie James - Velvet Sky saga.

- Velvet Sky makes her entrance followed by Mickie James, after a break. Mickie grabs the mic in the ring and says the title changes people. She says it didn't change her, it changed Velvet. She gives Velvet one last chance to walk away.

Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Velvet Sky

Velvet attacks Mickie and here we go. They go back and forth. Mickie works the injured knee of Velvet and hits a dropkick to the face for 2. Velvet fights off Mickie in the corner and starts a flurry of offense. Velvet hits a bulldog faceplant for 2. Mickie escapes to the floor. Velvet hits a spear on the floor and mounts Mickie with some strikes. ODB sends the action back in the ring and Mickie gets the first-in-advantage. Mickie gets 2.

Velvet counters a DDT and hits a neckbreaker for 2. Mickie goes back to the hurt knee and applies a submission as Velvet taps.

Winner by submission And Still Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Christy Hemme interviews Velvet at ringside. Velvet channels her best Kaitlyn impression as she weeps and says she thought her knee was ok. Fans chant that she tapped out. Haven't we seen this movie?

- Back from a break as Hulk talks to the ref in the back about the fake Suicide. He wants to know if anything was off. The ref says it appeared to be the real Suicide.

- Christy Hemme introduces Magnus followed by Bobby Roode.

BFG Series: Magnus vs. Bobby Roode

They lock up and fight for the advantage. More jockeying for position. Roode goes to the floor to regroup and gets the advantage back in the ring. Roode hits stomps in the corner as he takes full control. Roode dishes out some punishment on the apron and hits a neckbreaker in the ring for a 2.

They trade shots in the center; Magnus hits a suplex and goes on a flurry. Magnus catches Roode off the corner and drops him. Magnus goes up top but Roode meets him. Magnus shoves him off and dives off with an elbow for 2. Magnus hits a sit-down bomb for the sudden win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Magnus

Tenay sells the importance of this win and calls it the biggest of Magnus' career.

- Bully Ray, DOC, and Anderson barge into the TNA locker room and they want to know who Suicide is.

- We cut to James Storm and Gunner in the ring. Storm cuts a promo but is interrupted by Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, and Tara. They get in the ring and Robbie cuts a promo. He says Storm made a big mistake when he chose Gunner and not him. Robbie says he and Jessie are the future of tag team wrestling.

Robbie says the name of the team is the Bro Mans but Storm thinks he said Bromance. The crowd chants. Storm says Tara is a butterface. The crowd chants. Jessie starts to do something but Gunner takes him out. Robbie pulls him out of the ring.

- Sting and Angle talk in the back about Suicide. Angle says it's time to go talk to the mystery man, himself.

BFG Series: Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

Joe starts to build momentum and hits an Enzuigiri for 2. Joe charges in but Anderson drop toe-holds him into the turnbuckle. The action goes to the floor. Anderson gets a 2 back in the ring. Anderson hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Joe comes back with a series of signature offense for 2. DOC and Knux run down and distract Joe. Anderson hits a DDT but only gets 2. Sting and Angle run down and take care of business. Joe puts Anderson in the rear naked choke as he taps.

Winner of 10 points by submission: Samoa Joe

Sting and Angle join Joe in the ring and embrace him and raise his hands. Joe shows the gang sign for the Main Event Mafia. They leave the ring together.

- Hulk is on his way to the ring.

- Sting and Angle present Samoa Joe with his cut...err, suit in the back.

- Hulk Hogan makes his entrance in the arena. He gets in the ring and calls Suicide out. Suicide appears on the stage and makes his way to the ring. Taz and Tenay are still confused. Hulk tells Suicide to take off his mask. Suicide shakes his head, "no."

Bully Ray comes out and gets on the apron. He says he and Hogan are on the same page. He tells Suicide to take his mask off. Hogan makes one final demand. Suicide speaks in the "Scream" voice. He kind of sounds like the Black Scorpion, or even, The Undertaker's stalker. He says he has beaten Bully once before. He removes his mask and it is Austin Aries. Hogan and Bully are shocked. Mike Tenay can't believe it as we go off the air.

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