Former Nexus Member Talks Issues With John Cena, Why Angle Fizzled Out, Being Homeless, TNA, More

Source: Wrestling Heels Radio

"There were a lot of things about my issues with John Cena [details]. I have nothing against John Cena. I'm his biggest fan. I still watch him every week. It's all about what you do in the ring. At the end of the day, you need to be able to do your job, no matter what's going on. I believe a lot of things could have been done differently. But it's not about what I believe. It's still something that was very different. We were different because we were 'rookies'. What we were doing had not been done. The way we did it had not been done. The honor of being compared to the ranks of those people is something I'll always be grateful for. It is what it is. I'm proud of those guys. They're great guys. Those guys are extremely talented and I'm happy to see that. The Nexus was something very special. There was a match on SmackDown and all you heard was 'We want Nexus.' It's very special."

His thoughts on the current product: "I'm always watching, I'm always studying. I always want to get better. I want to show the world that I'm as talented as I know that I am. I whole-heartedly believe that I can go toe to toe with John Cena and CM Punk and get the microphone and go toe to toe with them. And I know from experience that I can hold my own with anyone in the world. But me knowing I can is different from the rest of the world knowing that I can. So I always keep that chip on my shoulder and I train extremely hard and it keeps me hungry. So I keep that humility about me. If it's 50 people or 500 I pretend it's five or ten thousand people. I found that at the end of the
day I know how to perform."

His potential dream matches: "Kurt Angle is a dream match. I'd love to be in the ring with Kurt Angle. I've been in the ring with Randy Orton, but I'd love to have a face-to-face, one on one with Randy Orton. I've been in the ring with him but would love to go one-on-one, go strike to strike. Bobby Roode... we could do somethingspecial. James Storm. A lot of guys. Legendary and current."

If he would join TNA: "I don't know about that, but. (Chuckles). I visited TNA a year or two ago. It was cool. It was fun and exciting. Don't know you'll see me, but I will always be a fan. I used to watch TNA years ago. Bat girl used to come out. Been watching it from back then. Definitely a huge fan and they definitely have my support."

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