Kevin Nash Talks The Kliq, How Triple H & X-Pac Joined, The Group's Influence, More

Source: Steve Austin's Podcast

"And we had Vince's ear because we loved the business. We talked the business 24/7. We lived the business. We were vocal and it wasn't like we just booked s*** for us. We watched other s*** that was on TV and was like this could be better by this. We just talked business all [the time]. When you're on the road 320 days a year, that's at this point, and you're with five guys that are hand picked brothers, and all you're trying to do is a) make as much money as you can, which the only way you can do that is march your ass up the card.

"It was a shark tank mentality. We made a pact, the five of us, that if we stayed strong and don't turn on each other, we could do what nobody else could. The thing was, they always worked the boys against the boys. We were the first guys to say f*** that, man. So when we started getting pay offs, instead of being like the rest of the boys and saying what'd you get? I'm not saying. What'd you get? I'm not saying. We'd get a pay off for Survivor Series and I'd say what's your pay off and Shawn would say I got 40 grand and I'd say f***ing 40 grand? I got 10. What the f***? I was in the same match. So all of a sudden, immediately JJ called me and made the call over to Vince and said hey, these mother f***ers are talking.

"So now we were calling ourselves the Kliq. We got ourselves a name. We would go to the arenas early, put a sign on the door that said Kliq locker room and then go leave and eat. So when the boys would come back, they'd think the office put the sign up. We just stirred s***. We'd be like ah no, we don't need our own locker room, take it down. Come on in, guys. They really thought that we were getting special treatment. So it finally got to the point where DiBiase and a bunch of guys were getting ready to strike if they didn't dismantle the Kliq. Vince came to a house show or TV or something and he pulled the five of us in a room. We thought we had heat and Vince stood there and he just said I got one question, how do I become part of the Kliq?

"Shawn said you're already in, you love the business. We just sat there and laughed. We knew right then that we had Vince's ear. He knew that all we were trying to do was make it the best product we could. We weren't trying to hurt anybody. I remember one time we had a big meeting in Columbus and Vince was asking about different guys, what we thought. We didn't like Bam Bam as a guy. We thought he was a d***. He almost got me and Scott shot in Sacramento. But could he play on our team when it came to being a worker? F*** yeah, that f***er could go, he was money. We didn't give a f*** about whether or not we liked ya in the bar, we just gave a f*** whether or not you could go, whether you could work hurt, if you were one of the boys.

"That was that era. You'd be at a bar some place and you look over and you see someone giving one of the boys s***. It wasn't your friend. Hey, I don't like the mother f***er but he's one of us. You put your hands on him and you're going to fight 15 guys in here. It was just a different [time] because we spent so much time on the road together, so much time in buses together in Europe because we had to strip mine that mother f***er just because the States were dead and Europe was still pretty hot. I remember sitting in the back one night with you [S.A.] putting Corona's on top of our heads, seeing how fast we could drink them. It was about four seconds apiece, then all of sudden we look at each other and we've done about 12 each."

What order were his championship reigns: "IC first. Real shortly after I got the IC, we beat the Shrinkers in Indianapolis at a house show. I remember walking through the curtain in Indianapolis and there were a bunch of boys standing there and they said how many belts do these boys need? I dropped the IC belt back to Scott at Summerslam then turned around and got the World belt. I had gotten all three belts in 95."

You can check out the whole interview (part two) here.

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