TNA Impact Results: Kurt Angle Vs. AJ Styles, Sting Re-Forming Stable, BFG Series, Rampage & More

- A recap video runs of Rampage Jackson and Kurt Angle from last week.

- We go to the back as Rampage dons his signature chain and Tenay says he has arrived and we will hear from him later.

- A Sting video package is shown of his run-ins with Aces & 8's.

- Sting makes his entrance in the arena. With Atlanta being "Sting country," they all bow to him and pop big-time for his entrance. Sting says it is good to be back in Atlanta. He talks about his last shot at the World Title and that he failed. Sting says he will never forget that he was left all alone while Aces & 8's were beating him. Sting says they are like a fine-tuned machine how they work together like family. He repeats the word "family" several times. He says he will have to create his own family. Sting says he will start his own "New Main Event Mafia."

- Back from a commercial as ODB is introduced with Eric Young. We go to a promo for EY's show on Animal Planet, Off The Hook: Extreme Catches. ODB is featured and they are at an ice bar. Poor girl is still waiting on her fried chicken from last year. Austin Aries makes his entrance in the arena.

BFG Series Qualifier: Austin Aries vs. Eric Young

Aries starts to put on a clinic but Young escapes the onslaught. They go back at it and trade armbars. Aries goes back to schooling Young on the mat and he lounges in the corner. ODB gets in as Aries escapes to the floor and Young hits her with a German Suplex and lounges in the corner. Aries gets back in and falls victim to a dropkick and a near fall. Aries slides to the floor and gets in ODB's face. Young tries to intervene but Aries drops him across the top rope and slowly dissects him in the ring.

Young starts to come back and slings himself over the top and onto Aries on the floor. Back in the ring, EY hits a belly-to-belly for 2. He gets a kiss from ODB and goes up top but Aries knocks him off balance. Aries hits a corner dropkick and hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winner by pin: Austin Aries

- Aces & 8's talk in the back. It appears there is a problem with DOC's loyalty. Bully tells him it is settled and there is only one spot for Aces & 8's in the BFG Series. They all say they agree, DOC is hesitant but he clangs his beer with them anyway. He looks reluctant as they all walk away.

- X-Division Champion Chris Sabin cuts a promo in the back about his injury and what might have been. He is unsure about giving up his title for a World Title shot.

- Aces & 8's makes their way to the ring.

BFG Series Battle Royal: Aces & 8's

The bell rings as they all circle each other. Mr. Anderson pretends to shoot Wes Brisco and he falls out of the ring. Anderson gives Garett the Hogan "You" and Garett lets Anderson toss him out in a cartoonish way. Knux pretends to square up with Anderson but lets him clothesline him over the top. Anderson tells Devon to get the tables, Devon hops over the top to do so, and "realizes" he was tricked. Anderson goes to "magically" toss DOC out but DOC doesn't budge. DOC starts to step over the top but gets back in. DOC shakes his head "No" and Anderson starts to go off on him verbally. DOC strikes him some but Anderson gets him over the top anyway. The brotherhood argues on the way to the back.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

- Rampage approaches Kurt Angle in his locker room and wants to know what Angle meant by "when he's ready." Angle says Rampage has to train if he wants to step into his world. Angle says he would never come to Bellator and think he could beat Rampage the first night. They shake hands and say they each are looking forward to watching the other guy's next contest.

- Back from a break as Aces & 8's argue in the back. Bully tells them to shut up. He says all DOC had to do was stick to the plan. Bully says they (TNA) are doing to them (Aces & 8's) what they (Aces & 8's) have been doing to them (TNA). DOC says it was his bad but he thought Bully wanted them to step up. DOC wants a chance to take out AJ Styles. Bully tells DOC to get the job done.

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