TNA Impact Results: Kurt Angle Vs. AJ Styles, Sting Re-Forming Stable, BFG Series, Rampage & More

- Velvet Sky has an envelope in the back. She wants to give it to Mickie James and make everyone happy.

- Crimson makes his entrance in the arena. He gets in the ring and pauses for dramatic effect. He talks about the numbers 470 and 12. He says those numbers have been consuming him as the crowd gives him the "WHAT" treatment. He says he was undefeated for 470 days and when defeated, he was sent home for 12 months. He says he is no longer consumed with numbers and he is going to win the BFG Series and will start with Joseph Park.

BFG Series Qualifier: Crimson vs. Joseph Park

Crimson starts to viciously take Park apart with power moves. Crimson takes it to Park on the floor and sends him back in. Crimson hits knees to Park's temple and drops him in a neckbreaker. Park starts to fight back but gets hit with a spinebuster. Park ducks Crimson in the corner and rolls him up for the sudden upset.

Winner by pin: Joseph Park

- Mickie James applies make-up in the mirror as she talks to herself and ponders what Velvet wants to give her.

- Back from a break as Velvet Sky makes her entrance to the ring. She has the manila envelope and says that it seems her friendship with Mickie has been up in the air ever since she lost the title to her. She says she has the solution and invites the TNA Knockouts Champion to the ring. Mickie gets in the ring and starts to be "fake nice." Velvet pulls out a clearance from her doctor from the envelope and says she wants her rematch. Mickie says the release might be fake and even still, it has yesterday's date on it. Mickie says as far as she can see, Velvet has a bad knee. Mickie kicks Velvet in her knee and goes crazy on her. Mickie applies a modified STF as Velvet taps and screams in pain. Referees come out and get Mickie off.

- Matt Morgan paces in the back as he is mad that he has to "qualify" for the BFG Series. He says he will continue to jump through whatever hoops they put in front of him and he will become the World Champion.

- Rob Terry, Magnus, and Kenny King are in the ring as they await Matt Morgan.

BFG Qualifier: Matt Morgan vs. Kenny King vs. Magnus vs. Rob Terry

King gets on the bottom rope to comically "measure up" to Morgan's height. The first pin or submission wins the match and the BFG spot. Morgan and Terry begin to try to knock each other down in the center of the ring. Neither man gives. King distracts Terry from behind and Morgan takes over on Terry. King tags himself in and Morgan goes to the apron. King hits some shots to Terry and tags Morgan back in who takes Rob Terry's head off with a big boot.

The crowd chants for Magnus as King tags Morgan's back to come back in. Morgan doesn't like it. Terry hits a back bodydrop on King and tags Magnus who speeds things up and hits anything that moves. Magnus catches King from up top and drops him in a modified suplex. Magnus goes up top and flies off with an elbow but Morgan breaks the count. All four men are in the ring and exchange big moves back and forth. Magnus hits the sit-down powerbomb on King for the win.

Winner by pin: Magnus

- Sting speaks next.

- Eric Young welcomes the camera crew into his dressing room as he stands in the doorway. He uses some fish metaphors and says he wants to try to get into the BFG Series by "reeling in" Austin Aries. He realizes this interview will air and thwart his plans, so he runs and hides in a bathroom stall.

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