Matt Hardy Talks Possible Return To WWE Or TNA, ROH Future, OMEGA This Sat., SCUM Vs. Aces & 8's

"Fortunately, like I said, we came into wrestling at a very ideal time with the Attitude Era and there's a lot of Matt Hardy and Hardy Boyz fans out there that will tune into Ring of Honor to see me even though the Ring of Honor diehard fan base definitely want to boo me and they have their issues with me, whatever they may be. I think it's kind of worked out for everyone. For me, it's been a fun form to go out there and perform and do my thing again. With them I think it helps them because it kind of puts some new eyeballs on their product as well."

What are some of the differences in ROH since his last run in 2005: "It's obviously different management. A little bit of a different mind set. I really think now, with the Sinclair broadcasting people running it and Hunter Johnston, Kevin Kelly, they are both very important power brokers behind the scenes, I just think there's a very good mentality of trying to stay loyal to the Ring of Honor brand, also trying to expand out as a TV show and as an entertainment company as well. I think that's important because when it's all said and done, wrestling is of course, story telling and there is going to be an entertainment aspect to it.

"I think Ring of Honor can always stay true to the Ring of Honor brand and stay true to the, the most important thing is the in-ring product. That's what comes first. But I do think that you have to have some entertainment mixed in there with it. You have to have characters developed and you have to have stories. I think that the biggest difference now with Ring of Honor, compared to back then, would be that there is more of a focus and more of a realization that that entertainment needs to be there. Before when I was there in 2005, that's when Gabe ran the promotion, and I almost think Ring of Honor was focused on just being an in ring product and really trying to make those fans happy, the die hard fans, as opposed to growing their circle of fans larger. Now I think Dragon Gate USA or Evolve is more of a product then Ring of Honor was in 2005 when I worked there as opposed to Ring of Honor now, if that makes sense."

How does SCUM compare to Aces & Eights: "In some ways I would say it's similar to Aces & Eights, a little bit. But Steve Corino, who I think has been masterful at doing what he's doing now, I'm a big fan of his work. Especially pulling out, as far as being the bad guy on the show, pulling out the things the Ring of Honor fans come up with that are hypocritical. As far as saying oh, you were upset because BJ Whitmer didn't hit me with an unprotected chair shot from behind, or you want him to hit Rhett Titus with an unprotected chair shot yet you're the wrestling fans that claim you care about the wrestler. You know, he's very good at taking and getting on that pulse, as far as being a bad guy who can pull out the points that are hypocritical from the fans, which gives them a lot of legitimacy.

"For me, that's what's fun to do in this gig as well. I think SCUM has a point. Steve said, because Jim Cornette came in and Ring of Honor went away and got away from what it used to be, now maybe it is focusing on being more of an entertainment company or whatever, that they want to destroy the Ring of Honor. At least there is an agenda there. So there is a story to follow that's a little easier. With the Aces & Eights, I think, I guess they want to take over TNA. I don't know if they want to destroy it, or whatever. So, I'm real big on making the story telling be as real as it could possibly be and as sophisticated as it could be possibly be and I'll be honest. In my mind, I'm not a mega fan of the groups and the alliances, especially like that. I'm really a big fan of making the story telling as believable as possible so that every casual fan can follow it and it totally makes sense because I think wrestling, from a story telling standpoint."

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