Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Video

The Miz vs. Damien Sandow

Miz takes control with a side headlock. Cole asks Cody if the facial hair has anything to do with his friendship with Sandow. Cody says they are just friends. Cole says the "Love Fest continues." Cole says he meant it as in JBL backing Cody up and not Cody's relationship with Sandow and there is a genuine misunderstanding between all of them and Cole nervously explains so as not to come across as anti-gay. I wonder what they were thinking in gorilla. My, how the world has changed.

Sandow hits a big knee lift to Miz on the apron and takes control with stomps. Cody suddenly is heard dropping his headset and he grabs a mic and tells the audience to stand up and show some respect to Damien Sandow. Sandow hits a beautiful suplex and a knee to the jaw for 2. Sandow hits a drop toe-hold to Miz to the bottom rope and unloads with knees to the gut. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain but Miz kicks out.

Miz goes into a flurry and hits his running clothesline in the corner. Miz goes for the figure-4 but Cody tries to interfere and Miz takes care of him. Miz gets the figure-4 for the win.

Winner by submission: The Miz

- We're back from a break. Aksana is in the ring and Kaitlyn enters. We see footage of Kaitlyn getting flowers from her secret admirer.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

They go back and forth and Kaitlyn hits a spear for the win in about 2 minutes.

- We return from a break to a nice video package for Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. This will likely be shown before the match on Sunday.

- We go to the ring for our 6-Man Tag. Ricardo introduces Del Rio. Sheamus comes out followed by Orton. We go to a trailer for 12 Rounds II.

Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, & Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger, The Big Show, & Mark Henry

We return from a break as the heels have all entered. Del Rio squares off with Swagger and hits kicks in the corner. Orton tags in and stomps on Swagger's hand and hits mounted shots in the corner. Swagger hits a spear on Orton's leg and takes over shortly but Orton recovers and tags Del Rio who resumes offense. Del Rio dives through the ropes and onto Swagger.

Swagger runs up the ropes and brings Del Rio down the hard way. Big Show tags in and throws Del Rio around some and tags Swagger back in who quickly tags Henry in. The quick tags continue and Show hits a slam to Del Rio as we go to a commercial.

Show drags Del Rio by his leg to prevent a tag as we return to action. Del Rio counters out of a powerbomb with a head scissors and makes the tag to Sheamus who speeds things up with signature flurry. Sheamus counters a chokeslam and hits White Noise. Sheamus clocks Mark Henry on the apron; Show counters the Brogue Kick and hits a chokeslam for 2.

Swagger tags in and drops elbows on Sheamus. Swagger slams him and drops a leg for 2. Sheamus fights back and hits a rolling senton. Swagger tags Henry who takes it to Sheamus with power strikes. Show tags in slow the pace even further. Swagger's back in now with knees in the corner and the Swagger Bomb off the 2nd buckle for 2.

Sheamus brings Swagger down off top and tags Orton to cheers who builds a flurry. Henry comes in and takes out Orton. Sheamus and Show fight to the floor. Del Rio hits a leaping Enzuigiri to Henry on the apron. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick to Show on the floor. It's chaos. Del Rio misses with an Enzuigiri to Swagger; Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock; Orton hits the RKO to Swagger for the win.

Winners by pin: Orton, Sheamus, & Del Rio

Our faces stand tall in the ring as Cole makes the final hard sell for Extreme Rules this Sunday.

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