TNA Impact Results: Sting & Bully Make Stipulation, X-Division Title, Slammiversary Hype & More

Anderson walks out instead and gets in the ring. He says Angle sounds like a woman and that AJ will be "patched-in" on next week's show. Anderson dares Angle to show up and says he will get destroyed. Angle says he won't wait to fight and he clocks Anderson and unloads on him. AJ hops the rail and gets in the ring. AJ stares ahead as Angle turns around and yells at him. AJ hits an Enzuigiri to Angle and lays him out. AJ leaves up the ramp to Aces & 8's music. We go to a break.

- We go to a Gut Check BFG Series video.

- Jay Bradley makes his entrance followed by Christian York.

Bound for Glory Series Qualifier: Jay Bradley vs. Christian York

York and Bradley feel each other out and Bradley gets the first decided advantage with a big boot to the grill. Jay continues with strikes to York on his knees. Bradley hits a scoop slam and measures York to get up but York has him scouted and hits a head scissors to the turnbuckle. York hits a cannonball in the corner but Jay avoids the Mood Swing neckbreaker.

They go back and forth with finishers and counters. York comes off top but Jay moves and hits the Boom Stick clothesline for the win.

Winner by pin: Jay Bradley

Christy Hemme gets words from Jay on the ramp. Bradley says he is one step closer to being the TNA Champion.

- Gail Kim is on her way to the ring; so is Velvet Sky

- James Storm leaves Hogan's office as we return and he tells the interviewer that Hogan told him there will be repercussions for his actions. Storm is fired-up that other people can do things without repercussions and he can't react and defend himself. He tells the guy to just keep watching.

- Aces & 8's congregate in the back and they make D-Lo say that he will kick Park's as* tonight.

- Gail Kim makes her entrance followed by Velvet as we take a break.

- Brooke Hogan and Mickie James talk in the hallway. Mickie wants a bigger spotlight at Slammiversary. Brooke says she can face Velvet for the title next week. Bully Ray shows up as Mickie leaves and he says it won't be a contract signing with Sting, but rather a contract negotiation. Brooke wants a divorce and Bully says never.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

Velvet takes early control and stomps Gail in the corner. ODB pulls her off. Velvet hits a head scissors takedown but Gail recovers in the corner and takes out Velvet's knee. Gail continues to work the knee for several minutes. Gail applies a Texas Cloverleaf but Velvet reaches the ropes. Gail pulls her to the center and continues to contort the left knee. Velvet reaches the ropes again and ODB has the hold broken.

The crowd is super-dead as the pace is brutal. Gail goes up top but Velvet brings her down the hard way. Both ladies are down. Velvet starts to hit a couple of clotheslines but her knee gives out again. Velvet rolls Gail up out of nowhere to put us out of our misery.

Winner by pin: Velvet Sky

Gail attacks Velvet's knee and puts on the figure-4 around the post. ODB pulls her off.

- Chris Sabin and Kenny King give pre-produced promos about their upcoming match; Petey Williams also.

- A Suicide vignette is shown. He returns next week.

- All 3 men are in the ring as Hemme introduces them. Petey followed by Sabin and King.

X-Division Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin

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