WWE Live Event Results From Odessa (5/11): Swagger Gets 'You Hurt Ziggler' Chants, Orton Headlines

Wade Barrett defeated Justin Gabriel (Intercontinental Championship)
Barrett actually got a mixed reaction before cutting a short heel promo to get some heat. Gabriel came out to a moderate pop. They went 11 minutes of fast paced action before Gabriel went for a springboard and took a Bull Hammer for the loss.

Randy Orton defeated Big Show
Show actually came out to a face pop, but Orton's was considerably louder (and female-led). They went 11 minutes in a standard match. The only spot even remotely worth noting was that Orton's rope-hung ddt came with Show hung on the top rope instead of the middle. Orton got the win with an RKO after ducking under a WMD, which my brother called exactly literally less than a minute before it happened.

Overall, it was a decent show, if a predictable one. The only result that surprised me a little was the DiBiase/Graves match, simply cause I thought they might give the young up-and-comer the win over a guy whose stock has fallen as far as DiBiase's has.

Pops of the Night:
1. Orton
2. Del Rio
3. Rodriguez

Most Heat:
1. Swagger
2. Barrett
3. Graves

Best Matches:
1. Del Rio def Swagger
2. Barrett def Gabriel
3. DiBiase def Graves

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