WWE SmackDown Results: Bryan Vs. Ambrose, Y2J Vs. Ryback, Mark Henry Sets World Record & More

Del Rio gets in the ring and goes after Ziggler and lands a big kick to the face. Del Rio waits for Ziggler to get up and smashes him back down with the ladder. Del Rio goes to the floor and throws ladder into Swagger, laying him out; the fans chant, "Si!" Del Rio scales the ladder in the middle of the ring and raises the world title over his head.

- Stay tuned for Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose.

- The Shield makes their entrance on the other side of a break after we see footage of their win on Monday. The trio gets in the ring as Daniel Bryan's music hits. Bryan and Kane rush the ring and The Shield vacate.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose slowly gets back in and the bell rings. Bryan goes to work with speed and intensity. He gets Dean down and unloads on his back with No Kicks. Bryan with uppercuts in the corner. Ambrose overtakes Bryan and sends him into the opposite corner and stomps him as he screams about justice.

Bryan comes back with No Kicks as Ambrose ducks to the floor. Bryan launches himself through the ropes and takes out Dean. Kane and The Shield look-on as we go to commercial.

Ambrose is in control in the ring as we return to action. He drops an elbow across Daniel's chest for 2. Ambrose continues to work Bryan on the mat with rest holds. Bryan rallies back but Ambrose hits a front dropkick and gets 2. Back to a headlock on the mat.

Ambrose rushes in the corner but Bryan moves and Dean smashes his shoulder into the steel post. Bryan hits a running dropkick and lands No Kicks in the corner. Bryan hangs Ambrose upside down in the corner for more kicks and then covers him for 2. Bryan goes up top and Kane keeps Roman and Rollins at bay. Bryan hits a missile dropkick but Dean kicks out.

Ambrose and Bryan go back and forth in the center of the ring. Ambrose plants Bryan, face-first, and gets 2. Ambrose unloads with knees to the face. Bryan looks for the No Lock and gets it. Rollins tries to get in the ring but Kane restrains him. Reigns gets in on the other side and kicks Bryan in the head. Kane and Roman fight on the floor. Kofi Kingston runs out and trades shots with Ambrose as the bell rings.

Kofi sends Dean to the floor with a bloody lip. Kofi, Bryan, and Kane stand tall as The Shield retreat through the crowd. JBL says it is a victory for Ambrose due to outside interference. Sure, why not?

Bryan starts a massive "Yes" chant but we quickly cut away to a replay of Jericho/Ryback from earlier.

- Earlier from WWE.com: Mark Henry is strapped to a 55,000 pound tractor trailer in the parking lot and pulls it like a horse. He is being cheered on by The Prime Time Players; Sandow is out there in his robe as well. Henry will try to pull to trucks later.

- Back from a break to footage of Mark Henry whipping Sheamus on Monday and the welts on his back.

- Back to the parking lot as they strap Mark Henry to two tractors, side by side. Matt Striker gets some words from Henry. Mark says nobody has ever pulled two trucks and this is a demonstration of how he will pull Sheamus at Extreme Rules and touch all four corners.

Henry tries to pull the over 100,000 pounds and fails on the first two attempts. Striker asks if he really wants to do it and says he seems to be struggling. Henry screams at him to get out of his way as Titus cheers him on. Henry starts to move the trucks and gets them over the line. Henry has set his world record. Henry falls to the floor as the paramedics ask if he is alright. They unhook Henry as he screams that this is what he does. Lilian Garcia has fans applaud Henry in the arena.

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