Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

Roode gets 2 on and hits a neckbreaker on the bald superstar. Aries tags in with a flying elbow but Storm is way out of position restraining Kaz and Daniels kicks out when he starts counting; Aries has words with Storm. Aries hits a double axe to Daniels from the top to the ramp. Roode rolls Daniels up in the ring but Daniels grabs the ropes.

Kaz hits an axe to Roode off the apron on the floor and sends him back in for some double teaming with Daniels. Roode kicks out of the onslaught. Bad Influence continue to cut the ring off from Roode. Roode creates some space and the crowd comes alive as he makes the hot-tag to Aries.

Aries goes to work with blood dripping down his forehead. Aries hits a high velocity suicide dive to Daniels on the floor. Wow! Aries hits a frogsplash in the ring to Daniels but Kaz makes the save. Bad Influence hit a nice double team on Aries but Roode makes he save. All four men go back and forth. Aries charges Daniels in the corner but Daniels gets his boot up. They trade counters and Storm catches Daniels grabbing Aries' tights.

Storm argues with Daniels as Aries goes out and gets a swig of beer and spits it in Daniels' face. Aries gives some to Storm to drink and Aries shoves Storm with beer in his mouth. Aries pushes Daniels in the way of a Last Call. Aries covers Daniels with one foot; Storm counts to 2 and stops and hits the Last Call on Aries. Both men are laid out as Storm just leaves.

- We cut to footage in the back of Aces & 8's beating up Magnus. DOC spits in his face as the others hold Magnus and hits him over the head with a trash can.

- A vignette runs for Suicide who returns soon.

- We go to footage and highlights of Chris Sabin and his return last week.

- X-Division Champion Kenny King makes his entrance in jeans and a shirt and cuts an in-ring promo. He puts himself over as the best but puts Chis Sabin over as someone who doesn't know what "quit" means. He introduces Sabin to the ring. Sabin enters the ring in long brown coat and jeans.

King hands Sabin the mic and asks him to tell his story. Sabin says King doesn't know the fighting spirit inside of him. King gives him a double thumbs up. Sabin tells King to take pictures with the belt because he has nothing to lose and he is taking the title next week. King says Sabin is a champ in his eyes and hands him the belt. King says that is the closest Sabin will ever get to the title. Sabin tosses the belt back at him and clocks King to the floor.

- We cut to chaos in the back as Bad Influence and Roode & Aries are separated. We see James Storm laid out on the floor next to a steel chair as officials call for help.

- We go to a Gut Check video. Next week, the Bound for Glory Series returns with an opportunity for Gut Check winners: Alex Silva vs. Sam Shaw vs. Christian York vs. Jay Bradley.

- Our announcers discuss the show so far and reset.

- Bully Ray and Co in the back: Bully says he knows not everybody is happy with the treatment of D-Lo but they have to weed out the weak. He says it's time to go out and take out Sting, Angle, and whoever their partner is. Bully tells Knux to tell D-Lo to have their beer cold and their bikes washed.

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