- Despite the fans apparent disinterest in the direction of Sheamus, a source noted that the idea is to continue with Sheamus as a babyface. Vince McMahon wants him to remain a face, and the company is tweaking his character. The belief is that once they find the right fit for him, he should take off as a top face. There are some that disagree.

- There have been some new hirings in the WWE.com department. It's a division that has consistently grown and is considered one of the more popular and well run divisions within WWE.

- The latest episode of Wrestling INC. Weekly is now up. In the episode, former WWE Executive and President of MLW (@MLW) Court Bauer (@CourtBauer) and myself (@RajGiri_303) discuss the poor response to Ryback's heel turn, RAW ratings, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones and more. You can listen to the show on iTunes by clicking here, or on Stitcher at this link or below:

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