Source: Mix Philadelphia

Dolph Ziggler recently sat down with Brian Soscia of Mix Philadelphia. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If he thinks Big E. Langston feels like a third wheel: "I think he understands his role. He's awesome. He's jacked. He's going to be great in the near future and he actually appreciates the insights and advice that I give him. So, we're slowly building him up to be an even better monster than he is now. He understands, the three of us together I think we make, honestly, a great crew. It fits perfectly in a nice SUV car, the three of us. We all deliver when we go out there and we do our singles stuff. AJ's now going after the Divas Title, I'm the World Heavyweight Champion and we have Big E. Langston finally getting some singles matches where he can get some under his belt and start bossing people around and listening to me and doing what I do best, which is going out there and stealing the show."

How he felt on the night he cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase: "Honestly, for as long as I waited it was kind of going through my head. Is this going to be it? Is this is going to be it? I was kind of waiting to see how that match [Del Rio vs. Swagger] was going to end. And by the way, for the entire first hour of the show I did hear people just chanting We Want Ziggler and I go man, this could be the night, let's see. Once I found out that that match ended with a very injured Del Rio I go this is the night, this is the crowd, this is the time to finally do it. Honestly, I gave them the cue and said you know what, I'm doing it now and they hit the music. I've never felt a reaction like, bouncing off my face like that. It was unreal."

What he felt when he got the reaction he did: "Nothing was planned, celebration wise. I was just hoping to get it. Once it did we embraced, we yelled out a couple times. I yelled so much just in like, that two minutes that my voice was gone when we were doing Smackdown. We were taping it on Tuesday for Friday and if you noticed that Friday I opened the show; I couldn't talk because I had just let out such a crazy scream of like, what a relief. Whether people cheer against me, cheer for me, whatever, I feel like they all wanted something different. They wanted a change. They wanted to see it and they got it."

Who was the first person to congratulate him after his win: "Honestly, I knew I was walking right to a live interview so I was kind of zipping past people, but everybody that I have been associated with, tagged with, have been in the ring with, a lot of pats on the back and people genuinely were happy to see. They've been through the hard times, the good times, everything. Good guys and bad guys going finally, someone else got through. It's a good sign for everybody else."

Where he got the idea to wear the title belt backwards: "Honestly, my whole career it's everybody wants to be tough and wear black trunks. I'm going to go out there and have fun and steal the show. If everybody wants to be tough guys and look like Stone Cold Steve Austin I'm going to have pink trunks and have fun. Short black hair or shaved head? Long hair. I want to stand out and that's what the whole business is about. It's about entertainment, standing out and being different. I have a different entrance as it is already just to stand out, so I said hey, let me apply this World Title to it. It's just something, once again, to set me apart from everyone else and if you continue to do that every single day you will become a draw in this business to where people want to see you and they need to see you. I believe that's what I'm on my way too."

You can listen to whole interview above.

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