Views From The Turnbuckle: Heel And Face Turns The WWE Should Make (Cena Free!!)

The WWE has seemed to run into a stagnant level of characters, especially since most of the part-time wrestlers are gone for the post-Wrestlemania lull. In hopes of reigniting interest in some characters, here are some suggestions for heel and face turns the WWE should consider doing in the coming months.

Turn Randy Orton Heel

This is the obvious turn that many fans have been pining for for well over a year now. Orton's character has remained in neutral for quite some time, and his time as a face is really running down. Although he is still probably one of the more beloved wrestlers on the WWE roster, the benefits he can bring as a heel far outweigh the benefits he can contribute too as a face.

It is well-known that Orton himself prefers to be a heel, and it isn't hard to see why. As a heel he experienced his greatest success, winning multiple world titles, feuding with everyone from Shawn Michaels to John Cena, and really carrying the company in 2007 while Cena was on the mend. His psychotic and disturbed character would certainly be a refreshing change for Smackdown and Raw where a lot of the characters tend to blend into one another.

As a face, Orton is unenthusiastic at best. His move set has been significantly watered down, making his matches exceedingly boring and predictable. He seems perpetually locked into insignificant feuds, the latest being a snoozefest with the Big Show. If Orton turned heel he could easily get his mojo back and become a top contender for titles and even work a big time feud with someone like The Rock down the road.

Turn Cody Rhodes Face

Rhodes and more importantly Rhodes' mustache has really started to click with the fan-base. As a heel, Rhodes is really spinning his tires, he comes out every once and a while to do a job here and there, but the potential lies in him to do so much more.

The WWE is very desperate for faces right now, hence some of the hasty turns for Alberto Del Rio and the Miz. Both of those performers have really failed to get over on a significant stage, and their appearances are met with rather lackluster responses from the audience. What is worse is that both the Miz and Del Rio have been put into legitimate programs in the past few months and neither has proven very successful in their roles. Rhodes has received a moderate reaction from the crowd despite really not being involved in anything significant, so it would make sense for the WWE to at least give him something to work with as a face and see what happens.

Rhodes is still young (just 27) and has a remarkable amount of polish and experience on him. He has been in and out of significant feuds since his debut, but he is currently hitting the wall and a change would do him a world of good.

Turn R-Truth Heel

Truth is very similar to Rhodes in the sense that he is a mid-carder who currently has nothing going for him. Unlike Rhodes, Truth is in his early-40s, so the potential for a future main-eventer is probably not in the picture, but the WWE could still get a couple of good years out him if they utilize him correctly.

R-Truth had a pretty entertaining run as a heel in 2011, even though it was cut short prematurely. He really displayed an edgy sense of talent while working his audience, from complaining about conspiracies, to showing up in a confederate soldiers uniform, Truth was really one of the more entertaining characters in the WWE.

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