A lot of guys will say, 'Well, why isn't this working? Why ain't that working?' It's like... without the old school, there is no new school. So, you learn your basics and you take that and you add your new school/old school mix. I promise you it'll work. The business right now is good, very good. And it's going to get better.

WrestlingINC: What are your thoughts on TNA? You've been there a couple of times. Do you think they have what it takes to be a major player?

Runnels: I'm very glad that they got out of the Impact Zone. Being a part of the amusement park at Universal Studios, in my opinion, was just not the way to go. It's not my money that's on the line, but I think them venturing out into different cities with different crowd reactions and different looks is only going to help them.

I mean, TNA has got some of the best talent in the business. Hands down, they've got some great talent. I wish them nothing but the best but WWE is home for me.

WrestlingINC: It definitely does seem like a much better product now that they've gotten out of the Impact Zone. Again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Where can fans see you next?

Runnels: I'm fixing to go to Wales Comic Con at the end of this month. I've shot my first movie and I'm shooting my next movie in May. So, I'm trying to transition into the acting world and give that a full foot forward and attention.

WrestlingINC: That was the Fire Witch, right?

Runnels: No, the Fire Witch never took off. I don't know, I'm very new to film work. So, you have people wanting to help and it's about who do you trust. You've been back-stabbed a lot in your career. So, you're very protective of your script and your ideas and things like that.

That's still in the works as far as in my head and I will do that one day. But, this was a Mark Ordeski film that I just shot with Diamond Dallas Page and Larry Longstreth. We just did The Murders of Brandywine Theater, which should be coming out in theaters in 2014.

This next one I'm doing is called Meet Me There. It's an independent film and it's another for my cap. You know what I mean. I'm fixing to go to L.A. and look at some stuff and try to get going.

WrestlingINC: Do you have any final words for the readers of our site or anything you'd like to plug?

Runnels: Yeah, get my book Cross Rhodes, it's a good book. It's inspirational and it's helped a lot of people. I wish WWE would have pushed it on their website or whatever. But, go to DustinRhodes.lockerdome.com and you can pick up my book and I'll sign it for you.

Click here for the first part of the interview, where Runnels discussed his first run with the WWF, leaving WWF shortly after debuting, being given the Goldust gimmick, if GTV was meant for him, being in WCW when it folded, overcoming his addictions and much more. You can follow Runnels on Twitter at @DUSTIN_RHODES1, and you can purchase his book Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness at this link.

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